Rebbe Nachmans Secret Path to Teshuva – Sichos Haran 3

We are pleased to present a recording of the third class of the new webinar series on the Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom (Sichos Haran)

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Rebbe Nachmans Secret Path to Teshuva – Rebbe Nachmans Wisdom chapter 3


Nachmans Wisdom chapter 3

Rebbe Nachman teaches about the infinite knowledge that rests in the crown, above the head. It is the “ultimate knowledge of not knowing” and its endless. When a person taps into that place, all sins, no matter how grave can “easily” be turned around into merit. For we have no grasp at all about the greatness of Hashem. His infinite love punctures through all levels bringing those who have fallen to the lowest depths, up to the highest heavens. Creating a direct path to the throne. When the front door is closed for you and you don’t have the merit to enter into the abode of the King to earn forgiveness, Rebbe Nachman shows you how to get in from the backdoor right up to the Kings Throne. It’s the most mysterious secret, wonder of wonders, the secret of turning the Ani into Ain, of nullifying the self and reaching complete humility, because the heals of Leah permeate the crown of Rachel, and at that point everything is fixed. The humble ones will crown the King when He returns.

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