Revelation from one of the Lamed Vav Tzaddikim Rabbi Amos Gweta about Rabbi Berland

First hand testimony from astonishing revelation by the Kabbalist and Tzaddik Rabbi Amos Gweta shlit”a from Netanya:

We came early in the morning, six friends, to the G-dly Kabbalist, the Rabbi and Tzaddik Rabbi Amos Gweta from Netanya.  It was a time of favor, and one of the friends asked Rabbi Amos when will all the disparagement and suffering that Rabbi Berland is undergoing finally end.

Rabbi Amos answered: “Rabbi Berland takes everything onto himself — he takes all the suffering of all the Jewish people onto himself!”

Rabbi Amos continued, saying: “We tried, several tzaddikim, to lighten [the burden of] suffering from Rabbi Berland using spiritual methods, but Rabbi Berland refuses to allow any tzaddik to help him in this.”

One of the friends asked Rabbi Amos: “What?! You pray [for him] and Rabbi Berland doesn’t allow the prayers to ascend?”

Rabbi Amos answered: “The prayers ascend.  Hashem is ready to listen to us and to lighten the suffering from him, only that Rabbi Berland won’t allow us to help him in this.  He wants to do everything alone.”

Rabbi Amos said to us that all that people are saying about him and are trampling on Rabbi Berland…everything is his will.  He does everything in order to cancel evil decrees and to do good for the Jewish people.

Rabbi Amos Gweta is one of the greatest Kabbalists alive today, if not the greatest.  Even Rabbi Berland testified about him 13 years ago that anyone who wants to know what a Tanna looks like should go see Rabbi Amos.  We’re talking about an awesome Tzaddik with Ruach Hakodesh!

Afterwards, Rabbi Amos Gweta blessed Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a with the following words: “May it be Your will, our Father in Heaven, that You have great mercy on our Teacher and Rabbi, our Leader, Rabbi Eliezer Berland ben Etya.  May the Holy One Blessed is He guard and sustain him, and save him from all pain and injury. With Hashem’s help may he have length of days in wellness and years in pleasantness.”


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  1. A couple notes:

    1. I saw in esh moharan where rav berland, within two pages, mentions that a person can only have a truly broken heart and true self-sacrifice when he knows all of shas, and then talks about the story of King David who saw a certain broken-hearted poor man whose prayers ascended unblocked. He dressed himself as a poor man and started “tefila le-‘ani” (a prayer for the poor man). A voice came from heaven saying “what are you doing dressing like a poor man, when you’re king of all Israel!” And King David responds saying “It’s true, I lack nothing, but at least let my prayer be partnered up with his”.

    It’s known that Rav Berland’s prayer publications are entitled “tefila le-‘ani”. They are written in the first person…and guess what…with a title like that, the idea is that we partner up with a truly broken-hearted person in our prayers.

    Think a little about this when you next read one of Rav Berland’s prayers, and things might start to make sense. Kol tuv


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