Revelations from the Hidden Tzaddikim: Mashiach Needs our Prayers to Win his Wars

Selected Chapters
Saying the Selected Chapters helps Mashiach win his wars

The Gaon Rabbi Yekutiel Fish shlit”a, author of the series of books “Sod HaChashmal” recently came out with frightening words from hidden Tzaddikim regarding the reasons for the the tragedies in Meron and Karlin — the war against Mashiach.  Rabbi Fish said that he heard these words from one of the hidden Tzaddikim of the generation, and “because the danger still exists for the same reason which was in Meron and Karlin…I’m saying these words to the public.”

The words of Rabbi Fish have already made an impression in the world, and have caused many to listen to the words of the hidden Tzaddik as spoken.  Therefore, Rabbi Fish continued and publicized more of the words of the Tzaddik according to what is possible to publicize at the moment.

“Mashiach really needs our prayers”

“The hidden Tzaddik revealed to me mamash awesome revelations — that I can’t say all of them.  I’ll say basically what has practical implications:  What Rabbi Fish said, that it’s possible to help our righteous Mashiach with prayers, is very, very true, and our righteous Mashiach is really in need of the prayers of the Jewish people, because in recent years…  I can’t say what exactly is happening, but he said to me that Mashiach really needs the prayers of every single Jew.

“It’s impossible to describe the greatness of the merit and level of a Jew who prays for our righteous Mashiach.  I asked him which prayers to say for Mashiach.  He answered, ‘The Tikkun HaKlalli of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov,’ and the Tzaddik testified about himself that every day he says the Tikkun HaKlalli several times, just for the success of our righteous Mashiach.”

“The hidden Tzaddikim already for several years are praying for the Mashiach”

“The hidden Tzaddik said that the hidden Tzaddikim already for several years are praying for the Mashiach, because already now before his revelation, the entire world is dependent upon him — when Mashiach is in suffering, this literally influences the entire world.  He told me that Mashiach accepted upon himself such suffering that no person from the creation of the world accepted upon himself.

“All the suffering that Mashiach accepted upon himself is in order to lighten from the Jewish people the suffering of the end of the exile, and so that more Jews will have the ability to be aroused to repentance before the revelation of Mashiach.”

“Revelation of the secret of the order of prayers of the Tzaddikim for Mashiach”

“The hidden Tzaddik said another thing which until now was a secret between the hidden Tzaddikim, but being that Mashiach really needs the prayers of the Jewish people, it’s already possible to reveal this:  Being discussed is a specific order of chapters of Tehilim to say for the success of our righteous Mashiach.  The hidden Tzaddikim already for several years are saying this order [of Tehilim].

“The secret of this is that these chapters are what King David said about his spiritual and physical wars, but David primarily intended with this the wars which Mashiach will wage, and which he will need to fight until the redemption.

The Selected Chapters

“The chapters which he revealed to me, it’s impossible to describe the level of a person who says them, even once a week; it’s best to say them on Shabbos.  He told me to say the chapters according to their order and this will give awesome power to Mashiach to succeed in his wars.”

“The order of prayers that David prayed about Mashiach”

“The chapters of Tehilim in order are: 31, 35, 36, 60, 68, 80, 83, 88, 89, 109.  The hidden Tzaddikim already for several years have been saying this order of Tehilim for the success of Mashiach, and when there will be the revelation of Mashiach, those who shared in his suffering and prayed for him will receive endless reward, because just as there is learning Torah for its own sake, so too there is prayer for its own sake — that a person doesn’t pray for himself, but only about the suffering of Mashiach.

Selected Chapters

“It’s written in the book, ‘Kokvey Or,’ from the words of Rebbe Nachman, that people who say Tehilim in simplicity will place the crown on the head of Mashiach.  It’s possible to explain that Rebbe Nachman’s intention is regarding those who say Tehilim about Mashiach himself, that they will place the crown on the head of Mashiach.

“In Likutey Moharan 2, it’s written that all the wars which Mashiach will wage in the world until his complete revelation, everything will be through prayer.  This will be the weapon of Mashiach.  This is what this hidden Tzaddik emphasized — that the prayers of every Jew for Mashiach are very important, and it doesn’t matter in what spiritual state this one who prays for Mashiach is found — he gives the weapon to Mashiach himself to fight his wars.”

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