Rav Succot: “You are looking at Rebbe Nachman!”


Rebbe Nachman of Breslov talks a lot about “the true tzaddik” and “the true tzaddik of the generation”. There is much confusion about who Rebbe Nachman is talking about. Some say he is talking about himself, others say that there is literally a tzaddik in every generation who reach all the levels described in Rebbe Nachmans teachings and who every one is obligated to “believe in”, “seek out” and “cling to”.

Here Rabbi Eliyahu Succot a senior student of Rabbi Eliezer Berland discusses this matter in a most simple straightforward way. “I don’t why people are confused about it it’s a very simple thing”, he says. “I merited to learn 9 straight years with Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Bender, the main Rav of Rav Berland, he was an incredible tzaddik and he himself was one of the main students of Rav Avraham ben Reb Nachman who was the main student of Reb Nachman Tulchiner who was the main student of Reb Nosson of Breslov who was the main student of Rebbe Nachman.

There is a story in Breslov about Yossele the raft driver who actually saw Rebbe Nachman with his own eyes, Rebbe Nachman Tulchiner praised the raft driver and said “You merited to see Rebbe Nachman, I didn’t merit such”. Rebbe Nosson then looked at him and said “What?! You never saw Rebbe Nachman?! When you look at me you see Rebbe Nachman! This Yossele the raft driver saw Rabeinu as a person who lived in the last generation so it didn’t change him, he’s still a simple raft driver, but YOU you look at me you are REALLY looking at Rebbe Nachman”.

If you want to really see the tzaddik Rebbe Nachman you need to connect to his true student in each generation. After that Reb Nachman Tulchiner would say “Happy are the eyes that see the eyes that saw Rebbe Nachman. His son Reb Avraham ben Reb Nachman said “Happy are the eyes that saw the eyes that saw the eyes that saw Rabeinu”. And Reb Levy Yitzchak said “Happy are the eyes that saw the eyes that saw the eyes that saw the eyes that saw Rabeinu”.

Someone once asked Rav Berland how did get to the levels that he got to (not that we can grasp what level he’s on) so he said “for 50 years I never stopped thinking about the Rebbe for one second”.

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