Shavuot, happiness, success and bitachon – Prayer Download #2

Scanned version of the prayer for Shavuot, happiness, success and bitachon in the original Hebre

Prayer Download #2: A Prayer for Shavuot, Happiness, Success and Bitachon

Scan of the back of the Hebrew prayer for Shavuot, happiness, success and bitachon


Ribonu shel Olam, Master of the World, who can do everything.  Please let me have the merit to always be happy this year, as it’s said: “Come bride, come bride, the Shabbat Queen.”

And I should have the merit to be lit up with fiery enthusiasm for You, as it’s said: “A flame will always burn on the altar and the life-giving Torah and love of kindness won’t be extinguished.”

And by way of making teshuva from love, the wanton sins will be transformed into merits, and the verse: “The Heavens will be opened, and I will see a vision of Elokim (God),” will be fulfilled by me.

For You are Hashem, Who responds in the time of need.

And let me merit to have in the future plenty, blessing and success, and in the merit of this, I should merit to attain the three pillars of the world: Avraham, Yitzhak, the secret of the kadkod (the skull) for everyone, and Yaakov.

And to live “Hashem is One”, dust and ashes.

And I should merit to attain the 50th gate [of holiness] on the Festival of Shavuot, and to have the 13 attributes of mercy opened for me, and to have opened all the gates of kedusha.

And I should always be the most holy, the most pure, and the most refined person in the world.

Like “Hashem is One”, Queen Esther.

And I should always merit to be full of bitachon (trust in Hashem) is it’s said: “And my heart will rejoice in Him, because I have trusted in His holy name.”


Ribono shel Olam, kol yachol. Zakeyni le’hiyot tamid b’simcha b’shana zoo, camo sh’ne’emar:

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“Bo-ee kala, bo-ee kala, Shabbat Malkta.”

V’ezkeh le’hiyot esh lahava aleycha, camo sh’ne’emar:

“Esh tamid tookad al ha’mizbeach, lo tikbeh Torat Chaim v’ahavat chessed.”

V’al yaday teshuva me’ahava, zedonot nehafachot le’z’chooyot, v’yitkayem bi ha passuk:

“Niftachu ha Shemayim v’ereh marot Elokim.”

“Ve’ata Hashem ha’oneh b’et tzara.”

Ve’ezkeh le atid shofeyah, bracha, ve’hatzlacha. V’b’zchut zeh, ezkeh l’shloshet amudei ha’olam:

Avraham, Yitzhak, sod kadkod le’koolam, ve’Yaakov.

Ve’lehiyot Hashem Echad, afar v’efar.

Ve’ezkeh be chag ha Shavuot le sha’ar ha’hamishim, ve tiftach li yud gimmel (13) midot shel rachamim.

Ve’tiftach li kol sha’arei ha’kedusha,

Ve lehiyot hachi kadosh (kadosha); ve hachi tahor (tahora) ve hachi zach (zacha) she ba’olam.

Camo Hashem Echad, Esther HaMalka.

Ve’ezkeh tamid lehiyot maleh (meley’at) bitachon, camo she ne’amar:

“Ki bo yismach libaynu, ki be Shem Kadsho batachnu.”


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