Shiur Erev Shabbos Shemini Morning from Tzalmon Prison

Rav Berland delivering a lesson

Shiur of Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a via telephone Friday morning April 17.

This transcript is a very rough draft of small pieces of shiur (mistakes probably exist).


      Erev Shabbos Shemini morning

Nadav and Avuhu wanted to die al kiddush Hashem. Moshe said to Aaron they are better than both of us.

A person needs to wake up early, at 3am go to the kotel go to kever Shimon Hatzadik. A person can merit everything before the lockdown goes into effect in the morning.

If a person wakes up at 7 he misses everything. His wife says, why did I marry a bag of kishka, go serve Hashem.

A person needs to sacrifice himself for Hashem.

Yocheved and Amrams relationship was only with the schechina there was no physical body involved.

Rabeinu is completely schechina. Rashbi is completely sehchina.

Our main job right now is to connect Rashbi with Rabeinu

Our main job right now is to connect Rashbi with Rabeinu. Thats why in three weeks (on Lag B’Omer) people won’t be able to get to Meron. The Corona lockdown won’t end in three weeks. We hope that we’ll make it to Uman on Rosh Hashana. After going to Rashbi on Lag B’Omer a person needs to go to Uman on Rosh Hashana. It’s impossible Rashbi alone. [Rabeinu said] now Rashbi receives from me. That’s the secret of Har Haelokim – Har Bashan, what’s Har Bashan? shin nun = Shimon Nachman. Our whole purpose is to combine the neshama of Shimon-Nachman. The Neshama of Shimon is Rabeinu. Rabeinu includes within him the souls of all the tzaddikim. Shimon-Nachman, Shimon-Nachman, Shimon-Nachman, now’s the time, these three weeks, the roots, it says in gemara Giten that they took 400 boys and girls (not clear) and said for sure we need to jump but who said we will merit olam haba? Even if someone is drowning in the heart of the sea, if he has in mind to die al kiddush Hashem then Hashem will save him, that’s why Nadav and Avihu it says ויקריבו לפני ה’, they were prepared to die. Moshe and Aaron were not yet prepared to die. It wasn’t time yet.

whoever studieS Torah all night will be the first to arise by the resurrection of the dead

So, this whole Parsha (Shemini) teaches us that a person must be prepared to die al kiddush Hashem. When Moshiach comes all those who died al kiddush Hashem will immediately get resurrected. That’s what it says in Zohar Shelach Lecha, that they will be the first to rise. Someone who sacrificed himself, he studied Torah all night, then in another 200 years which is 28 years before the year 6000, in the years תתקעב in another 192 years, whoever studies Torah all night will be the first to arise by the resurrection of the dead. The Zohar says there will be a few stages of techiyas hameisim. We learn everything from this weeks Parsha ויקריבו לפני ה’ that the main thing is to be close to Hashem. The entire job of a person is only to bask in the light of the schechina, that’s the entire job of a person, that’s what Nadav and Avihu were doing. They thought Moshe wasn’t coming down any more and they said let’s lead the generation, Moshe and Aaron aren’t coming back, let’s lead the generation. Then Moshe came back and they got punished. If Moshe is not coming so wait, say tehilim meanwhile, you can finish tehilim during the time you are waiting for Maariv to begin. That’s why the women are doing teshuva but men aren’t, women have simplicity (and say tehilim), men continue with thier shtuyot. Now it’s 8:30am everyone (who was up all night) should sleep now until 2:30pm, then you have time to learn and finish the shas before shabbos.

We’ll speak again at 2.

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