Shiur to Community Leaders from All Over Israel at Home of R’ Berland Shlit”a

Like every day in recent weeks, also last Wednesday on the night of 2 Adar, community leaders from all over Israel came to a shiur at the home of our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a.

The shiur began with the question of why in Parashat Terumah, the subject of the tribal princes was brought in.  The Rav spoke of the greatness of Nachshon ben Aminadav, who in his great humility didn’t consent that it should be written about him “Prince of the children of Yehudah” like the other princes.  Afterwards, the Rav made the calculation that the 21 offerings were opposite the 21 kings of the House of David.

Rav Berland community heads

Here is an excerpt from the shiur about the importance of coming to the Tzaddik:

“A person knows, “I committed transgressions, so  fine, I’ll go to the Tzaddik.”  One day, a person recognizes that he only committed transgressions all his life — he searches for the Tzaddik.  Then if you come to the Tzaddik, then the Tzaddik can rectify everything, to atone everything, all the incarnations.  But if you don’t come to the Tzaddik, like King Shaul…”

Among the other topics which the Rav spoke about was the importance of learning Gemara in depth, and that for the redemption, we need great mercy, and that this only achieved through learning Gemara, and that one must learn in depth, and to understand one thing from another.

The Rav also spoke about Amram, who divorced his wife, and that if he hadn’t divorced his wife, all of Egypt would have repented.  At the end of the shiur, the Rav spoke about the great level of dancing, and that Chizkiyahu didn’t dance, and that if he had danced, he would have subdued all the enemies in the War of Gog and Magog, and there would have been the complete redemption.

After over fifty minutes of giving over the shiur, the Rav concluded with Kaddish and prayed Ma’ariv from his balcony.

For our sake and the sake of our future generations, please answer the call of our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a to save the institutions of Shuvu Banim from financial collapse.

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