Shivivei Or Uncut – Lech Lecha, 5780

Shivivei Or Uncut – Lech Lecha 5780

For those of our readers, who would like to access the Rav’s shiurim in a more direct way, we are pleased to bring you an unedited English translation of some of his recent shiurim from Parshat Lech Lecha, 5780.

Usually on the website, we take excerpts from the shiurim and edit them carefully to make them as accessible to the English-speaking public as possible – and we will continue to do that.

But, we now also have a volunteer who has taken it upon himself to translate the Shivivei Or Newsletter word-for-word each work, and while we lack the manpower to go through and properly edit these shiurim at the current time, each word of the Rav is like a spiritual diamond in the dark.

We hope you will enjoy it!

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  1. Thanks so much for everything you do to be mefarseim the rav.
    Do you know where I can get shvivei or in the original hebrew?
    thanks so much

    • Sometimes the Hebrew site carries the full PDF. Alternatively, you can usually get it from R’Shushan, the Shuvu Banim bookseller, at the Beit HaRav, on a Friday morning after davening. There is a small charge of a few shekels (usually no more than 5 shekels) to cover the printing costs.


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