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Food and Clothing for the Poor of Jerusalem

Suggested Donation: $148

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While the RavBerland.com donation portal is temporary unavailable please use the following direct secure donation links:

For 1 time payment: https://donate.stripe.com/3cs3eo6KMcwncRq4gg

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Donate Food and Clothing for the Poor of Jerusalem

The Shuvu Banim community while being one of the spiritually richest communities in Israel is unfortunately one of the poorest financially. Many families who are literally lacking the basics. And with large families, they barely have the basic essentials of food and warm clothing for the children.

Your donation will bring smiles to children’s faces.

View footage from some of our latest distributions:

If you cannot commit to $148, you can choose any donation amount. Just put in the amount under “name your own price” above and choose whether you want to become a partner by allowing this donation to automatically recur every month (until you decide to cancel) or if you prefer to make a one-time donation choose “one-time”. 


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