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Donate to the house and Bet Knesset of the Rav

Suggested Donation: $148

Become a partner! Choose a recurring payment plan below or choose “one time” for a one-time donation:



Be a partner of the tzaddik in paying for  expenses of the bet knesset which include:

  • Monthly rental of the Bet Knesset which is part of the Ravs house and personal meeting room
  • Utilities
  • Mikvah

Our sages say about the Torah “Greater is one who supports it more than one who studies it” and “Even if a person reads and studies Torah but he doesn’t serve a Torah Scholar he is an Am Ha’aretz (ignorant)”

The Rav asks everyone to donate 148 monthly which has the numerical value of “Nachman”.

If you cannot commit to $148, you can choose any donation amount. Just put in the amount above and choose whether you want to become a partner by allowing this donation to automatically recur every month (until you decide to cancel).


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