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Donate! Hachnasas Kallah – help the Poor of Jerusalem get Married!

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Do you know how many more kallah’s (brides) and chassanim (grooms) are waiting to get married in Jerusalem?

You will be shocked when you see today’s situation with your own eyes. Families living way below the poverty line with large families are forced to go into deep debt for the basics to marry off their children. And we’re not even talking about paying for rent for the new couple. Even the basic hall expenses are too much for them to handle. And at a certain time the gemachim can no longer extend a credit line.

The Hachnasas Kallah Fund from the Jerusalem Charity organization set their goal to marry off 250 Kallah’s for the modest cost of $4000 each (that’s $1 million!). Before each upcoming wedding we will upload the wedding invitation and a little bit about the background of the family that don’t have the means to make the wedding.


Take part in this tremendous mitzvah. As Chazal say “The poor of Eretz Yisrael precede all other causes.” And there is no mitzvah like the mitzvah of Hachnasas Kallah.

A few sources from Chazal about he mitzvah of Hachnasas Kallah:

דאמר רבי אלעזר: מאי דכתיב “הגיד לך אדם מה טוב ומה ה’ דורש ממך כי אם עשות משפט ואהבת חסד והצנע לכת עם אלהיך”? “עשות משפט” – זה הדין, “ואהבת חסד” – זו גמילות חסדים, “והצנע לכת עם אלהיך” – זו הוצאת המת והכנסת כלה לחופה.

מעשה ברבי טרפון שישב ושנה לתלמידים ועברה כלה לפניו, צוה עליה והכניסה בתוך ביתו ואמר לאמו ולאשתו רחצוה וסכוה וקשטוה ורקדו לפניה עד שתלך לבית בעלה.

Due to the importance of this mitzvah, and the real stress on the parnasa of the young, newly married spouses, Jewish communities throughout the ages have focused on institutions and charities dedicated to this specific purpose. The Jerusalem Fund is walking in their footsteps.

How much do you/ would you spend on your weddings? Are you willing to give just a small percentage as a segula for finding a soulmate, having a happy marriage, children and money to support them?




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