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Donate! Kimcha D’Pischa – Food Baskets for the Poor on Passover

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Kimcha D’Pischa – Food for Pesach

The tremendous mitzvah of giving Kimcha D’Pischa and giving poor families food for the Pesach holiday is known for generations.

Kimcha D’Pischa literally means flour for Pesach and it is a tradition that dates back to the times of the Jerusalem Talmud in which every family is asked to set aside some flour for baking the matzos for poor families which can’t afford to purchase flour.

In more recent years the idea became very popular and many people use this mitzvah as a segula for wealth and a good year and they do this mitzvah in the most honorable way possible dispersing food baskets which contain all the holidays essentials including chicken, fish, wine and of course, Matza.

Here at Shuvu Banim there are unfortunately many families who are literally lacking the basics. And with large families, even during the year they barely have the basic essentials to serve their families. And when the holidays come around they are left empty-handed.

Thanks to the tremendous work that we do with this Kimcha D’pischa fund these families can go into Pesach with a smile on their face.

B’ezrat Hashem, depending on the amounts raised, we will distribute the holidays basics straight to the door of these families. It is up to you. And it is a tremendous merit as we say in the hagada “All who are hungry shall come and eat.”


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