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Megilas Eicha and the 3 Weeks Commentary and Prayers by Rav Berland

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The three weeks begin on 17th of Tamuz and ends on the 9th of Av. During these three weeks the Jewish People mourn over the destruction of the Holy Temple on other catastrophes that befell them at this time throughout all of history.

This unique book contains 470 pages packed with tremendous insights, teachings, and prayers to be said during this time. There are certain texts and portions of Talmud that the Jewish People traditionally study during this time, and Rabbi Berland wrote many prayers based on these teachings that can also be studied as a running commentary of those Talmudic portions and stories.

The highlight of this book may be the prayers and commentary that the Rav wrote on megilas Eicha which is traditionally read during the 9th of Av, and it is recommended study during the entire 3 week period.

After which one will find a vast collection of prayers beginning with prayers for the birth of the moon of Rosh Chodesh Tamuz, and finishes with prayers for Tu B’av, it includes prayers for important yartzeits which fall during this time including Yosef Hatzadik, Rabbi Akiva, and the 10 holy martyrs who were killed by the Romans, The Arizal, Rebbe Nachman Hordenker, Rabbi Shimshon Oshtropoly, the martyrs of Uman and others.

The book includes Tikun Chatzot and Tikun Haklali, the latter with a commentary of Rabbi Berland.

The largest portion of the book is over 200 pages of teachings of the Rav taken from recorded lectures about this special time including some teachings based on the kinos of tisha b’av.

The book is in Hebrew with nikud punctuation and is set in clear readable format.


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