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Paperback: Rabbi Berland’s Miracles


Rabbi Berland’s Miracles

In these pages, you will discover the firsthand stories of many ordinary people sharing their extraordinary experiences.

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In our modern age, believing in miracles seems to have fallen out of fashion.

We read the accounts of the sea being split during the Exodus from Egypt, and of the Prophet Elisha bringing the Shunamite woman’s son back to life, and for most of us, it’s really, really hard to believe that similar things could still happen today.

That’s why we wanted to write this book.

This book is a compilation of some of the miracle stories that have appeared on the ravberland.com website over the last four years.

All of these stories have been carefully vetted and fact-checked to ensure that they really did happen, and in many cases, you can see and hear the people telling their miracle stories in their own words, online.

While some names have been changed to protect the person’s privacy, each account you read here was heard first-hand, straight from the horse’s mouth.In some instances, the scope of the miracles being described were so big, and so obviously supernatural, that the stories were even picked up by the national media in Israel, where most of these stories occurred.

In these pages, you will many ordinary people sharing their extraordinary experiences. Some people saw their relatives return from the dead, or experienced a clinical death themselves which they miraculously returned from.

Others saw how a blessing from the Rabbi changed the laws of nature and moved massive hurricanes out to sea, or brought them their marriage match after years of fruitlessly searching for the right person.And there are other ‘every day’ miracles, too, which didn’t attract international news headlines, but which showed the people who experienced them very clearly that there is a hidden Tzaddik in our midst.

And that miracles are possible, even today.

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