Rebbe Nachman — Questions and Encouragement — Sichos HaRan 118-119

Watch the recorded class on Sichos Haran 118-119 in which Rebbe Nachman explains how to relate to questions we might have about Hashem, and the need to encourage others in Avodas Hashem.

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Topic: Rebbe Nachman — Questions and Encouragement — Sichos HaRan 118-119

How to relate to questions we might have about Hashem and the Tzaddikim, and the importance of encouraging others.


Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom Chapter 118

Rabbi Nathan writes:

I heard that the Rebbe once exclaimed with wonder, “About G-d people ask many questions!”

How good is it when you discipline your mind to realize that there are no questions or paradoxes.  It is written (Hos. 14:10), “For G-d’s ways are straight.”  Everything is perfectly consistent.

I myself also once heard the Rebbe say, “About G-d they ask questions!”

The Rebbe’s intent was to ridicule those who think that they are raising serious questions about G-d.

It is written (Ps. 145:17), “G-d is righteous in all His ways.”  You should not suspect that G-d’s ways are at all unjust.  If you cannot understand them, it is because the way G-d regulates the universe is beyond all human comprehension.

Chapter 119

I do not recall the exact course of the discussion, but I do remember that the Rebbe ended by saying, “If people would only hold on to this…”  With his gestures, he emphasized its importance.

The Rebbe’s intent was that there is something to grasp hold of even if you cannot attain a high level yourself.  You can still grasp hold of others and desire that they attain what is beyond your reach.

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I also remember that the Rebbe said, “Even when I am not worthy of serving G-d, I am satisfied to let another serve Him.  This is a very important thing to grasp.

I heard this from the Rebbe’s own lips, and it seems obvious to me.  Even though I may not be worthy, I still long for every one to be truly righteous.  I would like nothing better than for all my friends to be great Tzadikim.  This would be my greatest expression of love and friendship.

This is how you must love your fellow man.  You should want him to attain his true goal in life as ordained by G-d’s goodness.  This is true Jewish love.  It is explained in the Rebbe’s lesson on the verse (Isa. 49:10), “For he who has mercy on them will lead them,” in the second part of Lekutey Moharan #7.

People can easily fall away from religion. They can be snared by their evil temptations and literally be trapped in sin.  Many such people hate those who are still religious.  They provoke them, discouraging and degrading them in every way possible.  They do everything in their power to drag others to their low level, proclaiming that every religious Jew will eventually fall away just as they have.

We see many people who were once very religious and later fell away.  When they see our youth who truly want to be religious, they are most intolerant of them.

Many of our youth today have a strong desire to be truly religious.  They spend much time in study and pray with all their heart, in great devotion.  But those who have fallen away ridicule and insult these young people.  They discourage them by saying that all their devotion is really nothing.

This is nothing more than jealousy.  They have fallen away and therefore want others to be just like them.

But a true Jew must do the exact opposite.  He should want others to serve G-d, even when he himself is unable to do so.

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