The Purpose of Life – Searching Through the Treasury of the King– Rebbe Nachman Sichos HaRan 134

Watch the recorded class on Sichos Haran 134 in which Rebbe Nachman speaks about the purpose of life and searching through the treasury of the King.

Treasury of the King

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Topic: Rebbe Nachman — The Purpose of Life – Searching Through the Treasury of the King — Sichos HaRan 134

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      Searching through the treasury of the King - Yissachar Berg

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Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom, Chapter 134

Lesson 275 in Likutey Moharan begins with the statement, “Every good deed that one does is made into a lamp.”

One of my companions told me that the Rebbe once explained this idea in greater detail:

Some people have a light that burns only for a short time.  While it burns they can explore the King’s storehouse.  But then it burns out and they can no longer seek.

Another may have a lamp that burns longer.  He has more time to probe the celestial treasuries.  Still another may have a lamp that blazes for an entire day or even longer.

But there is one who has the most wonderful lamps of all.  These are never extinguished but burn and shine forever.  The owner of these lamps can delve into the King’s treasuries for as long as he wishes.

From this we can understand that even an ordinary religious man can explore the King’s treasury, but only for a given time as determined by his good deeds.  Even this is certainly a most wonderful privilege.  You can find wonderful treasures even in this short time and then enjoy them in the Future World forever.

All of your future life is determined by what you find during the time of exploration.  If you are worthy of more time in which the lamps created by your deeds shine, you will certainly find more good in the King’s treasury.  It all depends how long your lamp can burn.

The light of a great Tzadik is never extinguished.  His exploration of the King’s treasuries can go on forever.

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There is a much deeper meaning to this, but what we have presented is sufficient.

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