Sichot Haran 136 – Become Nothing You’ll Attain Everything

Watch the recorded class on Sichos Haran 136 in which Rebbe Nachman speaks about how through ego nullification one can attain everything.

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Topic: Rebbe Nachman — Sichot Haran 136 — Become Nothing You’ll Attain Everything

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      Sichot HaRan 136 - Become Nothing You'll Attain Everything

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Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom, Chapter 136

I heard a further discussion on the lesson appearing in Lekutey Moharan 172 on the verse (Isa. 6:3), “The whole earth is filled with His glory” from one of my companions.

The main thing is to nullify every one of your personality traits.  You must strive to do so until you have totally obliterated your ego, rendering it into absolute nothingness before G-d.

Begin with one trait and annihilate it completely.  Then work on your other traits, one at a time, until they are totally nonexistent.

As you annihilate your own personality, G-d’s glory will begin to shine through and be revealed.

It is written (Ezek. 43:2), “And the earth was alight with His glory.”  G-d’s glory is like light.

The larger an object, the greater its shadow.  A thin rod casts a very small shadow, while a more substantial object casts a larger shadow.  A great building will cast a still larger shadow.  As more light is obstructed, a greater shadow is cast.

The same is true of G-d’s glory.  The material obstructs the spiritual and casts a shadow.  The denser an object, the deeper a shadow it will cast.

When your are bound to an emotion or desire, it obstructs G-d’s glory and casts a shadow.  G-d’s light is then hidden from you.

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But as you nullify these emotions and desires, you also remove this shadow.  And as the shadow departs, the light of G-d’s glory is revealed.

When a man is worthy of annihilating the shadow completely and making it into absolute nothingness, then G-d’s glory is revealed to all the earth.  There is no obstructing shadow, and the light can shine through in all its glory.

It is written, “The whole earth is filled with His glory.”  “Filled” is MeLoA, which also can be read MiLoA — from nothing.  “From nothing is all the earth His glory.”

When there is nothing–nothing casting a shadow and obstructing His light–then His glory is revealed in all the earth.

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