Sichot Haran 137-139 – Rebbe Nachman’s Secret for Becoming Wealthy and More

Watch the recorded class on Sichot Haran 137-139 in which Rebbe Nachman reveals the secret for becoming wealthy and more.

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Topic: Rebbe Nachman — Sichot Haran 137-139 — The secret for becoming wealthy and more

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      Rav Yissachar Berg - Rebbe Nachmans Wisdom 137-139~1 - Yissachar Berg

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Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom, Chapter 137

The Rebbe’s lesson on the meaning of MAOT, money, is found in Lekutey Moharan 204.  Before revealing this lesson, he told the following story:

Once there were two close friends who had recently been married.  The first one saw the other doing something improper, straying from the true path.  However, he did not pay any attention to it, thinking it to be a mere accident.  But when he saw his friend continue and do something much worse, he realized that the other was actually a sinner.  He decided that he would have nothing to do with his old friend and estranged himself from him completely.

All this time, they had been supported by their fathers-in-law, as was the custom.  After a while, they left their in-law’s table and had to earn their own living.

The sinner began to prosper and eventually grew very rich.  His friend, on the other hand, became very poor, and was constantly upset, complaining of G-d’s injustice.  He said to himself, “I know that my former companion committed a great sin.  Why is he given such greatness and wealth?”

One evening the poor man had a vision.  He saw a band of men approach, carrying large sacks of coins.  As they approached, he could hear the loud clinking sound.

He tried to move toward them, but they stopped him with a warning.  “Do not touch any of this money.  It all belongs to your former friend.”

Realizing that this was an opportune moment, he asked them, “Why is he worthy of these riches?  I myself saw him commit a great sin!”

They answered, “From the day you both left your father-in-laws’ table, your companion has consistently set aside times for Torah.  He has taken upon himself to study a given amount each day without fail.  But you are not involved in the Torah.  Consequently, your companion is worthy of riches despite his great sin.  For though it can extinguish good deeds, sin cannot extinguish Torah.”

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“Sin cannot extinguish Torah” in Hebrew, is We’ain Averah Mekabeh Torah.  The first letters of these words spell MAoWT — money.

Chapter 138

I heard this from the Rebbe’s own lips when he revealed the lesson speaking of the importance of telling stories about Tzaddikim, appearing in Lekutey Moharan 234.

The Rebbe said, “I myself was greatly motivated to serve G-d through stories of Tzaddikim.

“Many great Tzaddikim used to visit the home of my holy parents.  We lived in Medziboz, and this was also the home of the Baal Shem Tov.  Many would come and visit the Baal Shem Tov’s grave, and they would mostly stay at my father’s house.

“I was from them that I heard may stories of Tzaddikim, and this moved me toward G-d.”

I was through this that the Rebbe attained the great things that he did.

Chapter 139

One of the Rebbe’s followers told this to me:

I once told the Rebbe that there was talk about me marrying a certain girl.  I told the Rebbe, “There is no place for me there.”

The Rebbe answered, “When a person has a Jewish heart, then he has nothing to do with space.  The heart is G-dliness, and G-d is the place of the world.”

This is brought down in the second part of Lekutey Moharan 56.

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