Sichot Haran 164-167 – Destroying Amalek – Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom

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Topic: Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom:

Sichot Haran 164-167 — Destroying Amalek

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      Destroying Amalek - Yissachar Berg

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Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom, Chapter 164

When the Rebbe moved to Uman, it was a mere half year before he passed away.  He had already achieved a level higher than any other human being, as discussed earlier.  But even here, he would spend much time secluded in prayer.

The Rebbe had his own apartment in Uman, but his landlord had the right to enter at will.  Once the landlord entered the Rebbe’s room without warning, and found him lying prostrate on the floor, stretched out in prayer.

The Rebbe was so weak and close to death at the time that his very life was a miracle.  But he still maintained his devotions, serving G-d with absolute simplicity.  He continued like this even during the last hours of his life, until he was taken away in peace to the highest levels.  Happy is he.


Whenever his high spiritual level was mentioned, the Rebbe would say, “But I worked very hard for all this.  Ich hab zehr gehoravet.  Ich hab zehr fil gefast.  I struggled very much.  I endured many fasts.”

We are taught that “envy of scholars increases wisdom.”  This is why the Rebbe told us all these things.  He wanted us to envy his great achievements and emulate them, following his ways in striving to serve G-d.

The Rebbe once spoke to one of us about his attainments.  He seemed to boast of his high level and deep perception just like one taunts another and tries to make him jealous of some mundane achievement.

The other replied to the Rebbe, “How can I achieve this?  Who is worthy of attaining such a high level?  Surely only one with a lofty soul like yours!”

The Rebbe seemed very irritated and answered, “This is the trouble.  You think that Tzaddikim attain greatness merely because they have a very great soul.  This is absolutely wrong!  Any person can attain my levels and become just like me.  All that it takes is true devotion and effort.”


I heard that the Rebbe once said, “People think that I am worthy of this great level because I am a great-grandson of the holy Baal Shem Tov.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  It came in another way completely, and through this I was worthy.  Mite ein zach iz mir giraten.  My success came through just one thing.”

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The Talmud teaches us that “Groaning breaks a man’s body.”

The Rebbe said that this was precisely his experience.

In his youth, while striving to serve G-d, he would spend much time sighing and groaning.  He would then test himself to see if he could lift his hand.  His body was so broken and subjugated that he could not even do this simple task.

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