Sparks of Light – Torah for Shavuot, 5780

Matan Torah and Shavuot

Sparks of Light Uncut – Some of Rav Berland’s Torah for Shavuot, 5780

We’re very pleased to share with you some more of Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s recent shiurim, translated from the Sparks of Light Newsletter.

Please feel free to print off the PDF, and study it as part of your Shavuot learning. The following shiurim range across many topics, including:


A prayer for the festival of Shavuos
> Meriting to receive the festival of Shavuos with joy and happiness, meriting to be healed just like during the giving of the Torah, and meriting to bring to the world a holy soul from the 36 hidden Tzadikim
> A Torah Lesson from the Rav (relevant to Shavuos)
> A portion of the Rav’s Lesson delivered in the Beis Midrash “Bris Yitzchak” in Kirays Sefer on Wednesday, Torah Portion Tzav, Hebrew year 5759
> Lesson delivered on Tuesday on the fourth of Eiyar (relevant to Shavuos)
> Explanation of the Gamora in Tractate Shabbos 86b-88a
> Lesson delivered on Sunday Torah Portion Tazria Metzorah
> The greatness of being quiet
> To circumcise the uncircumcised skin of the ear and heart
> The coming of Mashiach
> Unmarried girls receive a tenth of the inheritance
> The days of Mashiach and the importance of saying Tikkun Haklali
> Haman elevated Mordechai by attempting to hang him upon a fifty amos tree
> The four cups of wine during the Seder Night correspond to the Foremothers
> Lesson delivered on Wednesday, on the seventh of Nissan, Torah Portion Tzav.
> The blood sprayed on the Kohen Gadol corresponds to the signs Yaakov gave Rachel
> Common belief was that Leah was Yaakov’s true shidduch
> Why did Binyamin merit that the Beis Hamikdash was built in his portion?
> Eisav could only kill Nimrod through the advice of the Tzadik
> The Warsaw Ghetto rebellion
> Rachel’s self-sacrifice in delivering the signs to Leah
> Lesson delivered on Tuesday, the thirteenth of Nissan, the day before checking for chametz
> Connecting Rachel to Leah
> Many miracles occurred on the Seder Night
> Why is Succos not celebrated along with Peisach?
> The courageous women who caused the Jewish Nation to multiply
> Ten different firstborns
> The splitting of the sea
> Yael turned into the Kohen Gadol
> During the Seder, we are in the highest spiritual worlds
> Lesson delivered on Sunday, the 19th of Nissan on Chol HaMoed Peisach, the fourth day of the Omer.
> The seventh day of Peisach
> What does Afikomen mean?
> The miracles that occurred during the Seder Night
> The Zohar’s envision of the future redemption
> The future redemption will be in the merit of the youthful Torah students
> The uniqueness of Yericho


You can download the PDF here:

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Download Shavuot Sparks of Light 5780 [1.03 MB]


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