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Skin in the game

5779: The year in review

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How do we save our children?

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The Turkey Housewife

You may have missed...

Prayer to clean our hearts while we clean our homes

Prayer #1387 – To merit to purify our hearts from all the shmutz and the blemishes while we’re cleaning our homes from chametz. Master of the World who can do anything, and from whom nothing...
Kimcha DPischa 5781

Help Give Kimcha D’Pischa food Baskets to 1000’s of Children of the “Shuvu Banim”...

After the Mercaz Ezra V'Chesed organization succeeded in distributing Kimcha D'Pischa -- Passover food baskets for the poor -- to a thousand families last year, this year, Bezras Hashem, they wish to distribute even...

New Prayer: For the True Tzaddikim to be openly revealed

Rabbi Berland's Prayer to merit that the True Tzaddikim will be openly revealed Master of the world who can do anything, please do miracles and wonders for me, like You did for Eliyahu HaNavi and...
Rav Tsionov

Kabbalist R’ Tsionov shlit”a – R’ Berland is the Greatest Tzaddik Since the Creation...

The Tzaddik Rav Tsionov shlit”a, from the Beis Midrash of the Kabbalist Rav David Stern shlit”a of Bnei Brak, and among the few who regularly gives lessons there, in strong words about our Rebbe...