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Is this the year the Moshiach is finally revealed?

IS THIS THE YEAR THE MOSHIACH IS FINALLY REVEALED? Reposting from October 1, 2017. ==== At the end of the year 5775, during the month of Elul (corresponding to August 2015), Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, gave over...

Remember this

Remember this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0UnuNGM3PA It was recorded shortly after Rabbi Eliezer Berland was brutally arrested, by the corrupt State of Israel police, in front of his congregation, one February dawn morning, after a months’ long campaign...

Rosh Hashana in the Shadow of Tzalmon

Rosh Hashana with Rav Berland in the Shadow of Tzalmon Despite the State of Israel's dirty tricks, which saw Rabbi Eliezer Berland (83), shlita, moved from Tzalmon Prison down to the prison in Ramle at...
Jewish children sleeping on highway at Belarus - Ukraine border after being denied entry

The Shocking Truth Behind the Humanitarian Disaster at the Ukrainian Borders

UPDATE FROM RIVKA LEVY SEPT 15TH 2020 UMAN, UKRAINE After a week of sitting here feeling sorry for myself, today the mood finally ‘broke’ and I am fighting back. In case you didn’t know, my blog...