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Parshat Chayei Sarah: The shield of Avraham is still protecting us

PARSHAT CHAYEI SARAH 5778: THE SHIELD OF AVRAHAM IS STILL PROTECTING US Secrets of the Torah with Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita. Translated and adapted from the Tzama Nafshi newsletter. EVERYTHING WE DO, WE DO FOR OURSELVES If...
Pidyon Shevuyim Rav Berland

A Matter of Life and Death: Pidyon Shvuyim to save Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a

"You have no greater mitzvah than Pidyon Shvuyim (the redeeming of captives) -- "Charity saves from death" (Mishley 10:2). Friends of Shuvu Banim and talmidim and followers of our teacher Rabbi Berland shlit"a, Hashem be...
Rebbe of Amshinov with Rav Meirav

The Rebbe of Amshinov says “Hold on Tight to Rav Berland”

A few months ago after a letter was issued by some Rabbi's against the Tzaddik, the veteran students of Rav Berland, Rabbi's in their own right, went to the Amshinover Rebbe for Advice. Among these...

Rebbe Nachman – Redefining Atheism – Sichos Haran 38

We are pleased to present a recording of the 17th class of the webinar series on Rebbe Nachman's Wisdom (Sichos Haran) These classes take place every Tuesday at 4pm Israel time, register to live classes...