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High souls

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Emergency Appeal! Rav Berland can get out soon and YOU CAN HELP!

Fund for the release of the Tzaddik Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a Under the supervision of Rav Ofer Erez shlit”a  “Pidyon Shvuyim comes before feeding and clothing the poor, there is no greater mitzvah than pidyon shvuyim”...

Rabbi Berland’s Prayer to Reveal G-d’s Wonders

From Tefilah L’Ani: Leket Tefilos u’Vakashos Prayer to Reveal G-d’s Wonders Ribono Shel Olam – Master of the World – Who revives the dead with abundant mercy, Living G-d and King of the World.  Have mercy...

The Tzaddik Protects

The Tzaddik protects the people who follow after him. Translated excerpt of a shiur by Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita. ==== Rehoboam had 28 sons. He was the son of Shlomo HaMelech, 28 sons, 30 daughters. From Asher, how...

Prayer Gathering in Ramla — “Rav Berland is the Rebbe of the Entire World”

The words of the Kabbalist Rabbi Shlomo Elmeliach shlit"a at the prayer gathering outside Ramla prison: "Our Rebbe Rav Berland shlit"a isn't a simple person.  The Rav is not the Rebbe of tens, not hundreds,...