The Accuser Tries to Distance One from the Tzaddik – Daily Chizzuk of Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

The Daily Chizzuk of our Rebbe, the Gaon and Tzaddik, Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a – The Accuser showed them Moshe’s bier

Shabbat 89a – Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi said, “The moment that Moshe ascended on high, he found the Kadosh Baruch Hu binding crowns to the letters”… Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi said “And the people saw that Moshe Boshesh (was late) (Shemot 32:1) – don’t read it Boshesh, rather ba’u shesh (came six).   At the hour that Moshe ascended on high, he said to Israel, “At the end of forty days, at the beginning of six, I am coming.”  At the end of forty days, the Accuser came and confused the world.  He said to them, “Moshe, your master – where is he?”  They said to him, “He ascended on high.”  He said to them, “They came [at] six,” and they didn’t pay attention to him.  “[He’s] dead,” and they didn’t pay attention to him.  He showed them the image of his bier, and this is what they said to Aharon (Shemot 32:1), “because this man Moshe, etc.”

Tuesday, 18 Elul 5782 – Breslover Chasidim are the Chasidim with the Rebbe who is really alive

These are his holy words:

We are saying now that the Tzaddik does everything – you need to know that everything is delusions.  There’s no wars, there’s nothing.  This is all just the Accuser making it so that [people] won’t come to the Tzaddik.

Like by Moshe Rabbeinu, that the Accuser showed them the bier of Moshe Rabbeinu.  It’s written in the Gemara Shabbat (89a) that he showed them the bier of Moshe Rabbeinu.

Moshe brought them to the level where they could already live forever.  Then the Accuser showed them the bier of Moshe, the funeral of Moshe.

  1. Moshe was alive. This was falsehood.
  2. Even if this was true, Moshe is alive. Even if this is true, that Moshe passed away at the age of 120 – also then Moshe lives.

The Tzaddik lives, Moshe lives, Rabbeinu lives.  They call Breslov Chasidim “the dead Chasidim” [because their Rebbe passed away].  But they are the dead ones, in their lives, they’re called dead.  We go with a living Rebbe, a living Rebbe who rules over the entire world.

We’re saying now that the Accuser can do anything.  He can show the bier of Moshe Rabbeinu.  He showed a bier, a funeral with angels walking with black candles.  The image of his bier he showed to them.  This is what they said to Aharon, “because this Moshe, the man…” (Shemot 32:1).  They saw him mamash in the bier.  The Accuser can create a million plays, a set.

The Jewish people were stubborn with the Accuser.  They told him, “Moshe is alive.”  The Accuser said, “No, here is his bier.”  The Accuser argued with them.

The Jewish people erred by a day, because the day that Moshe ascended to the heavens wasn’t counted in the calculation of forty days.  Therefore, “G-d ascended with the [shofar] blast, Hashem with the sound of the shofar (Tehilim 47:6).  The shofar blast was so that they would know that Moshe is descending, so that they wouldn’t make the same mistake again.

Therefore, from 1 Elul until Yom Kippur, they blast the shofar every day so as to make known that Moshe is alive, Moshe is descending.

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Because for forty days Moshe isn’t found, that’s it, people are getting confused.  How much is it possible to wait?  Because, “They strayed quickly from the path which I have commanded them” (Shemot 32:8).  It’s written, “They strayed quickly” – “Let’s make a calf.  Moshe went up.  It’s over.  If Moshe went up, he won’t come down any more.”

“What do you mean that he will come down?  What do you mean that Moshe will come down?  [They thought that Moshe would never come down again].  For what do [people] come to the world?  What are we doing here in the world?  We need to eat three meals a day.”  Food is the greatest affliction in the world.  So for forty days, Hashem freed Moshe from eating, and another forty days, and another forty days.

We read in parashat Eikev three times, “They strayed quickly from the path.”  “Strayed quickly” – what is “quickly.”  Within a second!  Within a second, Moshe just turns his back and they say, “It’s over.  Let’s make a calf.”

Every day there are judgments ever since the sin of Adam HaRishon – from the generation of Enosh, from the generation of the flood.  The Accuser can make wars and all types of things.   The main thing is to [cause people] not to get to the Tzaddik.

[If we] reach the Tzaddik, we live until 120.  Whoever reaches the Tzaddik, there’s no sicknesses, no weaknesses.

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