The Angel Curses Whoever Doesn’t Help the Tzaddik – Daily Chizzuk with R’ Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

The Daily Chizzuk with our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a, taken from the shiur of 3 Iyar 5782.

Sunday, 7 Iyar – “Whoever doesn’t come to help the Tzaddik has no light”

These are his holy words:

Netzach she’be Netzach – Rabbeinu says, I’ve been victorious and will be victorious – because all those who draw close to Rabbeinu are sparks of Rabbeinu.

Therefore, it’s written in Likutey Halachot (Mila 4), that all the righteous women are sparks from Queen Esther, from Devorah the prophetess.  Every woman today is a spark from Devorah the prophetess who defeated Sisra.

I was victorious and I will be victorious, “From the heavens the stars waged war” (Shoftim 5:20).  All the stars came to help Devorah.  All the stars waged war for Devorah.

There were some stars which didn’t come [to help Devorah].  They turned into black stars.  “Cursed is Meroz, said the angel of Hashem” (Shoftim 5:23) – the angel curses whoever doesn’t come to help the Tzaddik.

Whoever doesn’t come to pray with the Tzaddik, to help the Tzaddik, the angel himself curses him – “Cursed is Meroz, said the angel of Hashem.”

It’s not me that says [it] – the Torah says that the angels cursed them.  The angels cursed the stars that didn’t come, and they turned into black stars from which no light comes out of them.

They can’t illuminate, because whoever doesn’t come to the Tzaddik has no right of existence, no right to shine in the world, to shine on the earth.  Only he who comes to the Tzaddik, to help the Tzaddik, to pray with the Tzaddik, to wage war along with the Tzaddik.

The moment that Barak hesitated – he only said to her “You also come with me.”  She said to you to go.  Why don’t you go?  You already lost the merit to defeat Sisra.

“It will not be for your glory the path that you go, because Hashem will deliver Sisra into the hand of a woman” (ibid. 4:9), because you hesitated.  If a person hesitates… Yes, I’ll go to the Tzaddik, I won’t go with the Tzaddik.  If he has only a slight hesitation.

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He has hesitation, a tiny bit of hesitation – ponders.  Why does he ponder?  Because he is in [a state of] pride!

They don’t urge him to go with the Tzaddik, so he lost everything, lost all his merits, lost his entire World to Come, his entire present world.

Also, you’re already unable to defeat Sisra – [can’t do] anything.  If he has only a little bit of pondering, one doubt whether to draw close to the Tzaddik – then he is driven from everything – they throw him outside.

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