The Benefit of Forgetfulness and How it Can Help You Grow – Sichos Haran 25-26

We are pleased to present a recording of the 12th class of the webinar series on Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom (Sichos Haran)

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part 1) The Wondrous Order Of The Human Brain  – Rebbe Nachmans Wisdom chapter 25

part 2) The Benefit of Forgetfulness and How it Can Help You Grow  – Rebbe Nachmans Wisdom chapter 26


Nachmans Wisdom chapter 25-26

Compassion in this world everyone can relate to but who has eyes to see the true compassion of the naked, homeless and impoverished souls of the next world? Rebbe explains a big secret of how to make the best of your short stay in this world so that in the next world you won’t be eternally forsaken.

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