The Blood Libel Against Rav Berland Continues — Rabbi Aharon Shwartz

aharon shwartz russian compount
Rabbi Aharon Shwartz at the Russian Compound

With another infuriating move on the part of the Israeli court system, the blood libel continues in a timely and nauseating manner.  Every time that our Rebbe, Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a, reaches the end of the previous punishment, suddenly they find more imaginary accusations to frame him with.

In this case, they’ve started talking about an event from some 35 years ago, and exactly when the Rav is supposed to be released, they suddenly remember to investigate it; and this is already after the event had previously been investigated and closed from lack of evidence.

Anyone who is a bit knowledgeable in what is happening knows that there is an evil group of zealots (in their own eyes), whose entire obsession is the Rav shlit”a.  They spend every moment of their days searching for ways to harm Rav Berland and his holy community.

There is no process here of searching for the truth.  Discussed here are devious and malicious developments which receive encouragement from a corrupt court system which has already proven itself more than once for its hatred of religion and its representatives.

Discussed here is a general persecution of the Charedi community, which unfortunately doesn’t understand that there are still many leaders in Charedi Judaism who they will take care of afterwards.

Rabbi Aharon Shwartz, like many other students of Rav Berland and many others who are sick of the gross lies, came to the Russian Compound in Jerusalem in order to protest the disparagement of a Torah scholar.

These are his words which were said before the media arrived to cover the event:

“All of those being investigated abandoned the Shuvu Banim community a long time ago.  If they did what’s being claimed that they did, this was only on their own personal initiative, if it’s at all proven that they are connected to the things that they are being investigated for.

“Rav Berland has no connection to this affair.  The arrest today again proves the cruel abuse which they are doing to Rav Berland.  A person in the Supreme Court decreed that it’s forbidden for him to be in the conditions of imprisonment — 84 years old, ill and elderly.  Even so, they carry him off to this place to interrogate him.

“The same thing regarding the detention of Rabbanit Berland — an elderly woman with a broken hand in the stages of recovering from Corona; [she] collapsed in her home, but instead of taking her in an ambulance to the hospital, they took her off with a police car.

“They are violating laws.  The court system marked a target, marked a man and surrounded him with the circles.  We expect the truth to come to light, and the justice, along with the entire corrupt and rotten court system in Israel, will come to light.

“What we see here is another stage in the awful deterioration of the court system in Israel.  Taking a man who the court decreed was unfit to endure the conditions of imprisonment, an elderly man, ill, an 84-year-old unfit to endure the conditions of imprisonment by decree of the Supreme Court, and carrying him off with the cruel abusiveness of the court system, with absolutely no forensic evidence.

“Everything is exaggerated rumors.  They mark off a target and build around it circles.  They’re trying to bring down a person as part of the persecution campaign.  They mark off Rav Berland and persecute him in every way possible.  No method is below them, like in the communist regime during the worst periods.

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“They’re now also abusing the Rabbanit, the wife of Rav Berland who is very ill, and instead of taking her to the hospital, they took her to the interrogation room at the police station.

“The thugs, violent and aggressive — this is the court system of the State of Israel.  After this, they say that Shuvu Banim is violent.

“Bezras Hashem, the justice will come to light, and everyone will see that Rav Berland is clean and pure — not connected to this affair, and certainly not to the previous ones.  It’s all plots, dossiers patched together by antagonists who burn the flag of Israel and dance on Independence Day over every murdered soldier.  These are the biggest extremists in the Chareidi community who joined together with the Israeli court system to bring down Rav Berland at all costs — with all means permissible for them.

“Everything is because Rav Berland draws Jews close to Torah and mitzvos, unites the Jewish people.  There are anti-religious goals here, total religious persecution.

“All the best, blessings and success.”

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