The Body of the Snake

Snake body

The Body of the Snake

Excerpt of a shiur recently given by Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita.

The body is the body of the snake.

It feels that it has feelings, and that it has desires. These are the feelings of the snake. Hashem didn’t create us like this. The moment that the woman started to eat from the fruit, and gave it to man, the eyes began to desire things. He saw shedim (demons).

A man sees the shedim that surrounds the body, he doesn’t see the body itself.

He’ll only see the real body in the future world to come, when the King Moshiach comes. Then we’ll see the real bodies. Now, we just see the shedim that surround the bodies. Everybody is surrounded by trillions and trillions of shedim. Trillions!

A person sees the shedim, and he becomes bewildered by them. He sees the beauty of the shedim, he doesn’t see the true body, or the true neshama (soul).

On Tu B’Shvat, the souls were created.

On the 1st of Nissan, the bodies of all humanity were created. On the 25th of Adar, which will fall out exactly on April 1st this year, the world was created, planet earth was created, with light and darkness. The sun and the moon, this one after that one.

On Wednesday, everyone needs to come to Hashem, the One Who created him, “You created me, and I’m like this and like that. So, please fix me up and rectify me! Otherwise, please give me a different brain. I don’t want to do any sin!”

Every sin that a person does is only to bring him low, and to show that ultimately, he’s just a human being, and a simple creation.

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