The Chamber of Niggun – The Daily Chizzuk of Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

The Daily Chizzuk of Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a – “The Baal Shem Tov and Rabbeinu opened the Chamber of Niggun”

Tuesday, 29 Sivan 5782 – “The gentile musicians were geniuses, but they didn’t act for the sake of Heaven; therefore, they died in disgrace.”

These are his holy words:

Songs every second.  Moshe built the Temple only to sing songs.  The purpose of the Temple, the main thing is niggunim (melodies).

All the wars [in the world] were to control niggunim – the gentiles, the nations of the world, everything is drawn from the niggunim.

All day [the gentile] plays on the violin, plays Mozart all day, Beethoven, Bach.  About Mozart, it’s written that he also didn’t have a grave.  If a person doesn’t go according to the Torah, in the end, they don’t know where he’s buried.

Mozart didn’t have money for a grave.  He didn’t have a penny.  He didn’t have any…  He was alone.  He didn’t marry.  He died at the age of 36.  He barely had a quorum at his funeral.  He didn’t have a penny to pay with.  They buried him amongst the paupers, between the people who are found on the streets.  They just buried him in some corner there; they don’t know where.

In the second stage of his work, Mozart began to compose opera music and the like.  They could compose music for twenty instruments at once – this was a phenomenal mind.  The Rebbe opened all the gates of music.

Now [at the time of the shiur, during the Counting of the Omer], it’s Netzach she’be Netzach.  The Rebbe opened up all the gates of music – the Chamber of Niggun.

The Baal Shem Tov [the “Besht”] started everything.  The Besht and Rabbeinu are the ones who found the Chamber of Niggun.  They could compose a composition with twenty instruments at once, a composition of some twenty hours – one song to Hashem.

They were playing music to Hashem.  A person only exists to thank Hashem.  The whole purpose is to say the Counting of the Omer with niggunim, to say Lamnatzeach Binginot (Tehilim Ch. 67) seven times with the Menorah, like King David.  With this David would win all the wars.  Lamnatzeach Binginot – in all the prayer books this is [printed] in the form of the Menorah.

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After this, we have Ana Bekoach – to say three times Ana Bekoach [with a niggun].  After this, great abundance is brought down – rectifying the sin of Adam HaRishon.

In 930 years, Adam HaRishon didn’t do anything.  So we need to atone for his 930 years.

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