The current reality must break apart before the reality of Moshiach can be experienced

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Redemption will be painful for many people 

The current reality must break apart before the reality of Moshiach can be experienced

Moshiachs job is to prepare the world for the redemption, that when the redemption finally happens, when the process of redemption becomes stronger, the world would be ready to actually view it and it won’t be experienced as suffering for them.

Because many people nowadays are just going after materialism, they’re going after mundane goals, they are looking to be profitable, looking for money, looking for honor, looking for pleasure. They understand Moshiach as something that gives them honor, pleasure, and money. So, when Moshiach comes they’re going to be suffering. And for them it’s going to be the worst pain in the world, they would rather be in exile.

Because the essence of Moshiach to be able to serve Hashem without any obstacles and people that aren’t interested in serving Hashem; who want their five star vacation cruises, who want an easy world, an easy life, who want honor, who want Moshiach so badly because they heard when they were younger that when Moshiach comes money will grow on trees, and their entire life they’ve been praying for Moshiach but actually they’re not praying for Moshiach, they are praying for money and honor.

So if that’s the Moshiach that they are looking for they’re going to be very, very disappointed. And they’re going to be suffering tremendously.

Moshiach is called tzemach. We saw this in Isaiah, in one of our first classes, Moshiach is a sprout, as in what we say in the Amida, “The sprout of David your servant should quickly sprout forth.” We say this three times a day. The sprout of David should start to sprout. So just like a seed gets placed in the ground, and before it can start to sprout it needs to break apart. And only after it completely breaks apart, then a little little sprout comes out from it and out of that, over time, comes a huge tree. So the same thing is with the reality in this world of exile. Before the new reality can sprout out of this reality, there needs to be a complete breakdown, everything needs to fall apart. So all of the things that we enjoyed, that we took for granted, that we focused our lives on; money, honor, success, pleasure, they are going to be taken away from us before a new reality can sprout forth.

The new reality is so much more awesome and so much more beautiful. But it’s the REAL beauty, the REAL honor. It’s the beauty and the honor of the soul, of the neshama. And people who don’t taste it they don’t know what we are talking about. People that don’t know what it is to feel a connection to Hashem, to feel a connection to a tzaddik, they don’t know what we’re talking about.

So, when Moshiach comes and it’s forced on them, it’s going to be the greatest pain for them. They won’t be able to handle it.

So many of the people that are crying Moshiach, Moshiach, Moshiach, why is Moshiach not coming?! When Moshiach comes, they might be the ones fighting against him, and they may be the ones that are suffering the most. So for them, it’s probably better to stay in the reality that they are in now. But really the best thing to do is to try to connect themselves to Hashem in order that when Moshiach comes, they’ll be able to experience it as something good.

Rebbe Nachman says that when Moshiach comes there will be such a tumult in the world, that people are not going to know what’s happening. They’re going to lose themselves and be completely confused. Only those who are holding on to the tzaddik will know what’s happening. And in another place he says that only those who do regular hisbodedus, personal prayer to Hashem, will be able to experience redemption as something good, everyone else will be confused.

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the light itself will be the greatest darkness and suffering for those WHO aren’t searching for light that just want the darkness

That is the Flood. That is the suffering that will come with the arrival of Moshiach, the light itself will be the greatest darkness and suffering for those who aren’t searching for light that just want the darkness. So the main thing now is not to demand Moshiach, Moshiach. If we know what we’re demanding, then yes, let’s demand Moshiach. But, if we’re demanding money, and demanding honor, demanding peace, and demanding to see our lost relatives then let’s stop that right now. And let’s start having a connection to Hashem. Let’s start demanding a connection to Hashem in such a way that didn’t exist throughout these 2000 years of exile, that can only exists with the redemption.

Then we will enjoy all the light of Moshiach!

Searching for Moshiach in the Darkness (in Sodom)

Searching for Moshiach in the Darkness (in Sodom)

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