The decree has been cancelled!

Decree was cancelled

The decree is cancelled

Shortly before the beginning of the month of Nisan, Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, spoke a great deal about the very hard judgements that were gathering in the world. The Rav returned to this theme on many different occasions, and this is also the prime reason why he asked for an atzeret, or prayer gathering, to be organized at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hevron, close to Rosh Chodesh Nisan.

There, at the holy graves, together with the thousands of the Rav’s followers who believe in the words of the true tzaddikim, the prayer gathering was held to cancel and sweeten the harsh decrees.

The Rav’s warnings

Before the gathering, the Rav warned via a number of different talks and shiurim to the public that the decree was so serious, many people were required to join the prayer gathering, and that attending the atzeret was the greatest priority.

At the same time, the Rav also asked his followers to undertake more spiritual practices to try to cancel the decree, including fasting and other practices, in the merit of the tzaddik having a complete recovery, health-wise, and for the success of Am Yisrael.

Baruch Hashem, many thousands of people answered the call, both in person and from their homes, and joined together to read the book of Tehillim together.

In Hevron, participants also danced enthusiastically to cancel the decrees, and recited the Tikkun HaKlali together with Rav Berland.

‘What happened?’

Afterwards, many, many people wanted to know ‘What happened?’, and particularly they wanted to know if the terrible decree facing Rav Berland himself, personally, had been cancelled.

Yesterday, the day before Erev Pesach, we suddenly received an unexpected announcement from the Beit HaRav. The Rav’s attendant, Rav Natan Bensanson, shlita, put out the following message to the kehilla:

“We heard this morning that Rav Berland, shlita, said during the reception for Rav Gevirtz, that the decree had been cancelled.

“Additionally, Rav Gevirtz confirmed himself that the Rav really did mean this, and that it wasn’t something that he said just to placate the person who asked the question. Later, the Rav himself also confirmed it again:

“The decree has been cancelled.”

Shuvu Banim wishes all our readers a happy, and kosher Pesach 5779, and bezrat Hashem,

may we merit to greet Moshiach very soon.

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  1. BH let it be known that EVERYone benefited from this sweetened judgement! NonJewish believer here who has seen amazing things just this week. My mother being taken off oxygen, her receiving good results from non routine tests, and BH my husband having a really good interview with a great potential new job. Everyone is feeling the reverberations from this amazing prayer gathering. Baruch HaShem and thank you all.


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