The Humility of Moshe — Daily Chizzuk with Rav Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

Rav Eliezer Berland shlit"a delivers shiur to Hitchadshut

The Daily Chizzuk of our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a — “The humility of Moshe Rabbeinu”

Thursday 11 Iyar 5782 — “The power of the letters of Torah” — a special shiur for Hitchadshut

These are his holy words:

The entire problem is that Moshe claims that he’s Korach [because of his humility and modesty], and Korach claims that he’s Moshe — this was the entire dispute.

Korach said: I’m Moshe.  Who are you?

Moshe says: True, I admit that I’m nothing.

[Korach said:] You’re not!  You need to be underneath the ground.  Moshe ascended above the ground.  He needs to be underneath the ground.

Under the ground?  So Korach [himself] merited to be underneath the ground — everything that a person requests from the Tzaddik he merits to.  So Korach merited to be under the ground.

Moshe Rabbeinu says:  I’m Bilaam, I’m Bilaam, I’m Bilaam.  I read it “Vayikra.”

Hashem says to him: Write “Vayikra.”  The Zohar says that Hashem said to Moshe how to write each letter.  He said to him, “Write vav, write yud.”

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The Torah isn’t written as it is for no reason.  Every letter is secrets.  Secrets of secrets.  With every letter it’s possible to turn the entire world upside down.

For example, a person prays Ma’ariv word-by-word, letter-by-letter.  It’s possible to pray Ma’ariv in five minutes, the entire prayer is possible to finish in two minutes.

So Hashem said to Moshe how to write the Torah.  He said to him “Breishit — In the beginning.”  Write beit, write reish, write alef — Hashem showed to Moshe beit over the entire world.  It’s not just that he showed him.

Achaz didn’t believe in anything.  Yeshayahu says to Achaz, “Request a sign for yourself from Hashem your G-d; request it in the depths or high, above” (Yeshayahu 7:11).  I’ll show you Korach.  Do you want to see Korach?  Do you want to be like Korach?

“I’ll open up the ground for you now — see Korach!  Until this day he’s being cooked in the ground!”

All the generations, from the First Temple, the Tannaim, knew the secrets of every single letter — in every letter [in the Torah] there are awesome secrets — every letter.

If we’re in Breishit.  What is beit?  What is reish?  What is alef?  720 combinations [of letters].  There are six letters — 720 combinations.  Four letters is 24 combinations.  If it’s five, this is 120.  If it’s six, this is 720.

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