The Last War, 5784 is the Year of the Redemption and Coming of Mashiach Ben David — R’ Berland’s Announcement

On the day of the holy Shabbat, Simchat Torah, accursed terrorists came and massacred Jews and performed acts which didn’t occur to people that they could be.

From then on, in all the holy shiurim of Moreinu HaRav Eliezer Berland shlit”a, he began to announce that this year, 5784, is the year of the redemption.

These are his holy words from the different shiurim:

This is the last war before Mashiach — after this war, Mashiach ben David will come.

Anyone who fights in this war will merit to enter straight into the Garden of Eden; he is considered worthy of the World to Come, all his sins are forgiven.  Everyone in this war will merit to holiness.

About this year, 5784, it is written in “Or L’Meir” that this is the year of redemption.  This year, Mashiach ben David is supposed to come.  [“Or L’Meir” authored by the Tzaddik Rav Meir Yehudah Shapira ztz”l, printed in 5673 (1913).  There, he wrote on the verse, “And all the Children of Israel had light in their dwellings,” the following: “It is known that the redemption from Egypt was an all-inclusive redemption, and alluded to the future redemption which will be through David, our righteous Mashiach, that the hidden light will be revealed, and as it is alluded to in parashah, ‘And the earth was chaos and void, and darkness was on the face of the deep’ which alludes to four exiles, ‘and the spirit of God was hovering over the face of the water’ — this is the spirit of Mashiach.  ‘And God said, “Let there be light”‘ — that the light of Mashiach will be revealed, from this [we learn] that in the plague of darkness, the light which is to be in the future, in the days of David our righteous Mashiach, was revealed to them, about this: ‘Bemoshvotam — in their dwellings’ equals 784 [5784], the numerical value of David in this way: David equals 14, twice 14 = 28, 28 times 28 = 784;  also ‘Melech Yisrael Kayam — the King of Israel endures’ with [the number of words] equals 784, as is brought in the Arizal, that then the light of the moon will be like the light of the sun.”]

5784 is the year of the redemption — it is written in all the holy books, “The strength (Koach) of His deeds He declared to His people, to give them the heritage of the nations” (Tehilim 111:6), that in 5784 (784), Koach (28) times Koach (=784) — this is moment of the redemption, that all the kings come to the Land of Israel, all the heads of state will come to the Land of Israel.

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