The Mekubal Rav Shlomo Elmaliach shlit”a Urges the Tzibor to Demonstrate Against the Illegal Incarceration of Rav Berland shlit”a

Listen to the words of the Mekubal Rav Shlomo Elmaliach shlit”a: plus Photo Gallery of demonstrations

Rav Elmaliach protest
Mekubal Rav Shlomo Elmaliach shlit"a takes part in protest against the illegal incarceration of Rav Berland shlita"a

In light of the corrupt conduct of the Israeli justice system against our Rebbe, Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a…despite his precarious state of health which is only worsening, the conduct towards him has only turned more cruel and illogical:  an elderly Jew almost 84 years old, rushed to medical care and lengthy life-saving surgeries and almost immediately afterwards returned to prison in a stretcher; and this despite the fact that Rav Berland is currently the oldest prisoner in the entire prison system held without a conviction.  What’s more, no trial has begun against him, and he remains imprisoned until the end of the judicial process – at the moment, already more than nine months.

The Rav’s talmidim, Chasidim, and many supporters are always organizing special prayer gatherings, along with the reciting of 7 Tikkun Clalli’s every day.  Nonetheless, the Rav’s state of health has turned into a case of real danger to life.  Therefore, the Rabbinic Council of “Shuvu Banim” has gathered and made the decision to go out and protest.

Rav Berland taken back to prison
Rav Berland, 83, being evacuated to prison shortly after undergoing 2 difficult surgeries

Every day, Kollel students go out to various points in Israel and stand with protest signs in front of a public which is drawn to the truth that the general media doesn’t tell.  These are the words of the Mekubal Rav Shlomo Elmaliach shlit”a, author of the highly acclaimed Ateres Shlomo commentary on the Etz Chaim, in a call to all Kollel students of “Shuvu Banim,” talmidim of the Rav, his supporters, along with anyone who has a Jewish heart – to come and protest.

“We are standing in the street to protest and there is great interest from the public.  Many people stop and photograph.  As could be expected, the police arrived to attempt to remove us, but they have absolutely no reason to do this.  We are behaving appropriately.

“In the meantime, we are receiving a lot of very good feedback

“We request that no bochurim [unmarried Yeshiva students] come to protest.  However, we request that Kollel students should come with self-sacrifice to protest.  This is mamash the sanctification of the Name of G-d.  I feel here mamash the sanctification of G-d’s Name.  I strongly request [for people] to come every day to protest.  Rabbeinu Nachman said that ‘there is no despair in the world at all.’

“At 1:45 pm, we gather at the prayer hall on Ido HaNavi St. in Jerusalem.  From there, we go out together on the path of protest – this mamash awakens reverberations in the world.

“Know, that he who joins in protest with have the merit and a part in the release of our Rebbe Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a.”

This message from Rabbi Elmaliach follows the message of the Lelover Rebbe from Boro Park shlit”a Rebbe Dovid Biderman to the members of Shuvu Banim community to follow to path of Yaakov Avinu; Prayer, gifts, and war. To first begin with prayer, then try to help Rav Berland by working with the system, if that doesn’t work then we must go demonstrate. To view the letter click here.

For more details contact Rav Aharon Shwartz: 053-315-5313

Listen to Rav Elmaliach speak in the video below:

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Pictures from the protests against the illegal incarceration of our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a:

Protests 1
“The Prosecutor’s office invents cases against Rav Berland and lies to the public”
Protests 2
“Rav Berland’s trial: Dreyfus trial 2020”

Protests 3 Protests 4

Protests 5
“Corrupt ones — you’ve become disgusting — Elderly, sickly 83-year-old a half year in prison without trial — ‘Until when will you judge unjustly…’ — Release now”

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To hear the Rabbis of the community speak dial *9148, extension 10. From Europe +44-330-390-0474. From the USA (845) 640-0007.

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  1. I had a dream about Rabbi Berland few days ago. I don’t know what it meant. He had very white aura around him and there were many people with him. He was dancing, some celebration maybe and giving brachot. My friend went for a bracha from him too and I wasn’t sure did I go or not, couldn’t remember. I saw also a man making wedding dresses outside of the place. And my parents not-religious were in too.

    I didn’t know it’s a dream until woke up and didn’t know did I get a blessing or forgot. It was strange dream.


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