The sea will split anew

new splitting of the sea

The sea will split once more

Excerpt of a shiur given over on Monday night of Parshat Ki Tavo 5778, in Ashdod

More holy words from Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita

The whole business is about water. The whole world is going to come and fight with Am Yisrael only because of the water.

“And Hashem will return you from Egypt with boats” (Devarim 28:68)

Suddenly, a whirlwind will come down from Shemayim (the heavens), and everyone will come to fight against Israel. Everyone! The whole sea will be filled with ships, there will be ships until Gaza. The whole place will be filled with ships – warships. Warships with 50,000 men.

And then, the sea will split. We will have a new krait yam suf (splitting of the Red Sea).

And everyone will be drowned in the Red Sea. Everyone. All the ships.

“And Hashem will return you from Egypt with boats.”

Hashem is going to bring us all back on boats.

“The same way you see Mitzrayim today, you won’t see them ever again.” (Shemot 14:13)

Today, it’s forbidden to go down to Mitzrayim (Egypt). No-one should travel to Mitzrayim any more, and not to New York, and not to any other place, either.