The Secret of “A Staff Will Emerge From the Stump of Yishai…” – Daily Ma’amar by Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

The Daily Ma’amar from our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a, courtesy of the “Hashem Hu HaElokim” leaflet:

The secret of “A staff will emerge from the stump of Yishai, and a shoot from his roots will sprout”

“Yishai 320 and a shoot 346 from his roots 856” = 1522, “Who has heard such as this?  Who has seen such as these?  Has a land ever gone through its labor in one day?  Has a nation ever been born at one time, as Tzion went through her labor and gave birth to her children?”

And this is what Rabbi Akiva said: When you reach the pure marble (shayish) stones, the secret of David ben Yishai, the secret of Shai [310] worlds which descend every single second anew to Tzaddikim, and all [of this] is through the drinking of 4 cups of wine and five olive-sized [portions] of Matzah Shemurah [matzah that has been specially guarded from leavening from an early stage in its processing].

Because Avigayil is called “the daughter of Nachash” (II Shmuel 17:25), “For our sons are like saplings, nurtured from their youth; our daughters are like cornerstones, crafted in palatial form” (Tehilim 144:12).

And through this, the verse is fulfilled in us (ibid. 10): “He Who grants salvation to the kings, He Who releases David, His servant, from the evil sword.”

Because anyone who is saved from the error of the pure marble stones, and does not say “water, water”… because the Temed [an alcoholic drink prepared by soaking grapeseeds or wine sediments in water], which is water on seeds, and then before it has fermented, it is impossible to tithe and it invalidates a mikveh, and when it has fermented, it is possible to tithe and does not invalidate a mikveh.

Because “Hashem! Bend Your heavens and descend; touch the mountains 257 and they will go up in smoke 442” = 697 = Tav Reish Tzadi Tet ([5]699), 17 Tammuz, that then in one year 5 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis.  And now, in 5750, the year of the redemption, that according to “Heichal HaBrachah,” then it was supposed to have been – in 5750 – the revival of the dead [Lech Lecha].

And then it will be said, “As in the days of your leaving the land of Egypt, I will show it wonders” (Micah 7:15), because wonders which have never been before will be revealed in the month of Nisan of the year 5801, that such miracles and wonders have never been since the creation of the world.  And then will be fulfilled, “Release me and rescue me from great waters, from the hand of the strangers,” and then will be fulfilled, “Our storehouses overflow to their very corners, providing from harvest to harvest; our sheep increase by the thousands, by the myriads in our open spaces.  Our oxen are laden; there is neither breach, nor outburst, nor wailing in our streets.”

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