The Secret of “Dwells Between His Shoulders” – Daily Ma’amar with Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

The Daily Ma’amar of our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a, written on the morning of Thursday, Parashat Ki Tisa, courtesy of the “Hashem Hu HaElokim” leaflet:

Netzach (the Divine emanation called “Victory”) of Netzach and Hod (Splendor) of Hod of Atik Yomin (the Divine aspect/persona known as “Ancient of Days”) dress themselves in the shoulders of Arich Anpin (“Long Face”), and from this is drawn the Da’at (Knowledge) of the Temple to Zeir Anpin (“Short Face”).

Because “Binyamin is a predatory wolf” (Bereishit 49:27), and he received blows from his ten brothers in the shoulders, and through this Da’at from Netzach of Netzach and Hod of Hod of Atik was drawn to him, and through this Da’at, he merited that the Temple would be built in his portion, that from there is drawn Da’at to all the Jewish people.

Because in the Temple, it is possible to see Hashem face-to-face, because the ten miracles happened in the Temple opposite the ten blows which Binyamin received from his ten brothers between the shoulders, and through this, he merited to the holiness of the inner sanctum – to the holiness of the Holy of Holies, that there is atonement for all the iniquities of the whole year.  That there, one merits to the highest intellect, the intellect of Adam Kadmon which receives the intellect of Ain Sof (the Infinite), in the aspect of ‘“Ani (I)” – and not an angel, “Ani” – and not a fiery angel, “Ani Hu (I am He)” – and not another,’ which is the Light of the Infinite, which illuminates in the Holy of Holies, in the inheritance of Binyamin.

And this is the secret of “to the shoulder of the Jebusite” (Yehoshua 15:8), that the Temple was built between the shoulders of Binyamin, which are Chochmah (Wisdom) and Binah (Understanding) which are dressed in the shoulders of Arich Anpin, which receive from Netzach of Netzach and from Hod of Hod of Atika Kadisha, concealed of all that is concealed, concealed of everything.

And this is the secret which King David, peace be upon him, said (Tehilim 132:6): “Behold! We heard of it in Ephrath, we found it in the forested field.”  And this is Binyamin, as it says, “Binyamin is a predatory wolf” [Zevachim 54b].

And about this, it is said, “If I enter the tent of my home; if I go upon the bed that is spread for me; if I allow sleep to my eyes, slumber to my eyelids,” that this is only fulfilled through sleep deprivation, like Yaakov said “By day scorching heat consumed me, and frost by night; my sleep drifted from my eyes” (Bereishit 31).

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