The Secret of “In Their Midst, He Has Set Up a Tent For the Sun” – Daily Ma’amar by R’ Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

The Daily Ma’amar of our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a, courtesy of the “Hashem Hu HaElokim” leaflet:

The secret of “In their midst, He has set up a tent for the sun” (Tehilim 19:5); this is the secret of the giving of the Torah, that Hashem covered them with the mountain like a vat, and the mountain was the wedding canopy and the tent which He sheltered the Children of Israel at the giving of the Torah, that then the heels of Leah were joined with the Keter (Crown) of Rachel underneath the wedding canopy of Aba (Chochmah-Wisdom) and Ema (Binah-Understanding), that this signified Mount Sinai, which hovered over the Children of Israel and served as a wedding canopy for the bride which is called “the people of Israel.”

Then the heels of Leah were joined with the Keter of Rachel, and therefore there are on the Tablets 172 words like the numerical value of “Ekev-heel,” and “Keter-620” letters like the numerical value of Keter of Rachel, which was joined with the heels of Leah, and through this, “Trembling [ra’ad=274] gripped the powers of Moav,” = Rachel Leah [=274].  Balak Bilam [=274], that they draw sustenance from the heels of Leah, Bilam from the right heel and Balak from the left heel.

And at the time of the giving of the Torah, when the heels of Leah were joined with the Keter of Rachel, the drawing of sustenance of Balak Bilam was stopped, until the sons of Bilam – Yunus and Yambrus – succeeded in making the calf.  As it says (Shemot 32:24): “This calf came out” – that it jumped [out] by itself.  In spite of the objection of Aharon HaKohen, who thought to delay the casting of the gold for the calf until Moshe came.

But Micah tossed a golden disk upon which was written “Aleih Shor – Rise ox,” and Moshe had used it to bring up the coffin of Yosef from the Nile, and through the power of this golden disk, Yosef ascended by himself.  Until Micah, who was the father of Yaravam ben Navat, stole the disk from Aharon and used it, and threw it into a gold casting, and through this came out “the likeness of a grass-eating ox” (based on Tehilim 106:20).

And therefore in the year 2448, the Torah was given, and in the year 2488, they entered the Land, and from then until the complete redemption is another three-thousand, six-hundred, and five years, as is brought in “Otiyot Rabbi Akiva” [Ot Bet].

And this is the secret of “And he was plowing, twelve pairs [of oxen] (I Melachim 19:19), that Elisha already had learned the combinations of the 12 combinations of Havayah and the twelve combinations of Ekyeh, that in these two [sets of] combinations the redemption is dependent.

And Elisha, who merited to twice as much as Eliyahu, was involved in the bringing of the complete redemption and the bringing down of the Third Temple, which is a Temple of fire, and there Aharon HaKohen will sacrifice offerings, and Eliyahu HaNavi will inspect each and every offering 4 days before its sacrifice.

Because there will be such people who will want to sacrifice offerings on Mount Sinai, as is brought in Menachot [109a].  But, if there will be there witnesses and a warning, they will be liable to 39 lashes for every sheep and goat and ox that they bring there.

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