The Secret of the Tribal Princes – Epharim, Menasheh, and Binyamin – Daily Ma’amar by R’ Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

The Daily Ma’amar by our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a, which he wrote Erev Shabbat Kodesh, parashat Vayikra.  Courtesy of the “Hashem Hu HaElokim” leaflet:

The Secret of the Tribal Prince of the Children of Ephraim Elishama ben Amihud, the Tribal Prince of the Children of Menasheh Gamliel ben Pedahtzur, the Tribal Prince of the Children of Binyamin Avidan ben Gidoni

Because Ephraim, from him descends Yehoshua bin Nun, merits to bring the offering on Shabbat – the 7th of the month, and from him descends Yehoshua bin Nun, as it says, “Sun, stand still at Givon, and moon, in the Valley of Ayalon.  Then the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, until the people took retribution against their enemies…and did not hasten to set for a whole day.”

Because from the 7th of the month of Nisan, the chametz is already completely burned, and the sun shines in its warmth, “the light of the moon will be like the light of the sun,” as will be in the future world.  And the moon, from the 7th of the month is already filled from its lack.

And after Elishama ben Amihud, Gamliel ben Pedahtzur – who stands on the rock, which is the cleft of the rock, and blinds and pokes out the eyes of the wicked, who are Kayin, Bilam, and Haman, that they are the root of the chametz that is in every single generation, and they conspire in every single generation to destroy the Jewish people anew.  Therefore, we already begin to eliminate them on the 7th of the month, through the offering of Elishama ben Amihud, that he, through his offering, joins together Yud Key Vav with Dalet, and turns it into a Heh, through ten types of melody, which are the letter Yud, that brings them into the Dalet and it becomes a Heh, in the secret of “Yovla (ram?) shines to the moon.”

Therefore, one should sanctify the month immediately on the 7th of Nisan, to begin to draw the light of the sun to the moon, until the light of the moon will be like the light of the sun.  And we shall merit on the night of the 15th, to fulfill “one of the flock per home” – that the one of the flock, which is the moon, illuminates the home on Seder night like the light of the sun, and there already will not be even a trace of chametz, and there will not remain any trace of Kayin, Bilam, Haman, who annihilate the Jewish people anew in every single generation, and the main elimination is immediately on the morrow on Seder night, through having fasted for three days.

And the main thing is through the Karpas, which is the green line that encompasses the whole world – the emanation of Binah (Understanding), from which is all teshuvah (repentance), and it forgives all iniquity.

Because through Seder night “Behold, the kings assembled, came together; they saw and so were astounded,” because both of them [=Yosef and Yehudah] fought for Binyamin, and this one wants to kill this one and all of Egypt, and this shatters the marble pillar which he sits upon, and says to Yehudah: If you draw your sword, behold I will place it over your neck and will kill all the brothers, and everything is for Binyamin, whose offering is 10 Nissan.  Therefore, his offerings are on the foundation of the altar which is in Yehudah’s inheritance, in the secret of “Tzaddikim will inherit the land, and will dwell upon it forever,” that the Temple, which is under the authority of Binyamin, was also in the portion of Yehudah 410 years and 420 years, that this is called “upon it forever.”  Therefore, the offerings of the three are together, one after the other.

And Menashe, who lowered the four corpses of Shaul and his sons from the wall, merits to the promise that he will be redeemed first [Pirkey D’Rabbi Eliezer 17] – Gilad is mine, Menashe is mine – Menashe is first – “Ephraim is the stronghold of my head, Yehudah my lawgiver.”

Before Ephraim…and Menashe arouse Your might,” because Menashe is opposite the month of Cheshvan, because Cheshvan = 364 days of the year outside of Yom Kippur, that it atones for the entire year.  And Menashe, who is opposite Cheshvan, merits to offer between Ephraim and Binyamin, about whom it is said, “To Binyamin he said, ‘May Hashem’s beloved dwell securely by Him; He hovers over him all day long, and rests between his shoulders,” because he merited to 410 and 420 years that the glory of Hashem hovered only over him.  Therefore, he brought his offering on the evening of 10 Nisan, that then, “Draw forth or buy for yourselves one of the flock for your families,” one of the flock for each home – that through Binyamin we merit that the one of the flock, which is the moon, illuminates the house on the 10th of Nisan like the light of the sun.

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