The shocking corrupt ways of the Israeli Police

Israel police manages to stretch out Rav Berlands imprisonment for yet another day trying to build a case against him

Even after losing in 4 consecutive court cases Israel Police do not give up in trying to hold Rav Berland in prison without any case against him. The four appeals were brought to a police court and each time an extension of a day or two was given. A full week has gone by in which the Rav is being held illegally.

After losing once again yesterday in main court of Rishon L’tzion in which the Judge gave a verdict that the Rav will be freed, the police requested an extension, and today in a local police court appealed the decision to extend it one more day. It is clear that the sole purpose of the police here is to hold on to the Rav as long as possible without any case against him. And with this “crooked way of acting” (the words of the first appeal Judge) it will be no surprise if they manage to cook up some false claims for the court, as they are already doing through the media. Just today in preparation for court, the police cut a piece of a video from a two hour long lecture and took words completely out of context in order to show the court that the Rav is dangerous and sends his students to carry out crimes.

But the followers of the Rav are not threatened from this kind of behavior, they possess a stronger power, that of prayer, and at every court appearance as well as outside of jail, thousands of supporters come standing in the heat for hours to pray for justice, and for the release of the Rav from the unlawful imprisonment.

A series of lawsuits are already being prepared against the Judicial system, Israel Police, and media, to reveal their crimes, and systematic persecution of anyone who has power and doesn’t follow their political or religious direction.

Hopefully this wont end up like the cases of Rabbi Yoram Avergil, Rav Uzi Meshulam, Rav Yaakov Yosef, all great influential Rabbi’s who died while under police investigation for crimes they did not commit. Hashem Yikom Damam!

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