The Story of the Challot that Went Missing

From the book Eliezer Eved Hashem

The Rav’s middah of loving-kindness came to be seen many times. Although this time, not one of the Rav’s family members saw how the Rav was giving away his belongings to others right from under their noses…

As was known to his students and followers, the Rav did not use bread made from regular flour. His body was sensitive and regular bread was hard for him to digest. Therefore, the Rav ate Shabbat challahs made from special flour that digests easily.

The family members ordered those challahs from a woman who specialized in baking special challahs from that flour. So before every Shabbat, the Rav received a special delivery to his house of a few small challahs that were delivered for the Rav himself.

The family members covered the challahs underneath a special cloth. On leil Shabbat, the Rav would cut and eat the challah for the honor of Shabbat.

The next story happened one Thursday when one of the Rav’s followers noticed that special Shabbat challahs that had been under a cloth were missing.

“Where are the challahs?” the person wondered. “Why did they not bring them yet?”

He approached the kitchen to find out why the challahs did not yet arrive. “What does this mean?” another family member wondered. “Did I not receive the special challahs into my own hands and put them underneath the cloth on the Rav’s table?!”

The family members searched for the missing challahs. Then they noticed that the Rav himself was missing from the house….

“Is it possible that the Rav left the house with the missing challahs?!” And quickly they went down the stairs to check.

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And indeed they were correct. When the family members neared the last stair leading out from the home, they noticed the Rav handing over his special challahs to a Jewish widower. All the while, the Rav was talking to the man, cheering him up, and strengthening him with words. “Eat my special challahs and you will be healthy!” the Rav was heard to say. “These challahs are special and good for your health.”

At the same time, the family members arrived to the Rav. The Rav turned around to them with his face glowing and said, “Well? Did you see how we made a Jew happy?!”

“But what will the Rav eat?” those near him asked. “What does it matter?” The Rav waved his hand to dismiss their concerns. “The important thing is that we merited to enliven the soul of a Jew.”

Translated from the book Eliezer Eved Hashem.  To order a copy click here.

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