The Stress in Israel and the World is Getting Stronger — Who Will Put the Crown on Mashiach?

Prayer at Kotel

Who will merit to be amongst Mashiach’s front line and to place the crown on his head?  We’re used to thinking that specifically those who appear externally important and successful will, but the greats of Chasidus reveal a different truth.

In the book Tiferes Yehuda, it’s written in the name of the Yid HaKadosh zy”a, who said: When our righteous Mashiach comes, then all the tzaddikim and leaders of Israel will walk together with their followers who dwelled in their shadows and drew from their waters.

And there will be amongst them such leaders who our righteous Mashiach will say to them, “Be gone, go away from here with your followers.”

Then the followers will approach and really cry, and say, “Our righteous Mashiach, what is our sin and what is our guilt?  Behold, we had complete faith that he was a true tzaddik, and what is your complaint against us?”

And our righteous Mashiach will answer them: All of a person’s life, one needs to request from the Creator, may His Name be blessed, that one merits to be bound to a true tzaddik.  And the Creator won’t hold back good from those who walk in sincerity.  And if it was truly your goal to be bound to a true tzaddik, Hashem would have shown to you the truth.

And you, who are clinging to this man, certainly it wasn’t your true desire to cling to a man of truth.  Therefore, also you are being punished.

The Holy Yid -- Mashiach

Who will place the crown on the head of Mashiach?

The Yid HaKadosh mentions attachment to the tzaddik in truth and simplicity as the essential conditions to be amongst those who merit to greet our righteous Mashiach…to such an extent that Mashiach uses harsh words towards those who didn’t truly want to draw close to the tzaddik in saying to them: “Be gone, go away from here with your followers.”

Therefore, it’s not surprising to see in our times how specifically the main war is being mounted around the attempt to hide and distance the tzaddik from one’s awareness, to a point where one mamash needs a great struggle just to remain in faith and attachment to him.

The Yid HaKadosh from Peshischa, a primary student of the Seer of Lublin, wasn’t the only individual to reveal which Jews would merit to greet Mashiach.  Rabbeinu Nachman zy”a in the story “Memtar” [translated as “Simplicity” by the Breslov Research Institute — see “Rabbi Nachman’s Stories”] reveals that “Hashem Yisbarach will win the war only through the simple people who said Tehilim in simplicity and sincerity, and not through those who use sophisticated means.”

He related an allegory about this of a king who went hunting for animals and was dressed as a simple person, so that it would be easier for him to hunt.  In the middle, suddenly there was a giant rainstorm, mamash a flood of water, and all the royal ministers scattered because of the rainfall.

The king was in great danger and searched for a place to hide, until he found a house of a villager, and the villager brought him into his house with honor, dressed him in warm garments, gave him simple village food, lit the stove for him, and let him sleep on a pallet so that he could warm up.  So pleasant and sweet was his food and sleep that he never tasted such a pleasant taste as this, because he was tired and exhausted.

And the royal ministers searched for the king until they came to the house of the villager, and saw that he was sleeping, and waited until he woke up.  They wanted to return the king to his home.  The king said to them, “Since you didn’t rescue me and everyone scattered to save himself, and only this villager saved me, and by him I tasted such a sweet taste…therefore, he will bring me to my home in his wagon, and in these close which he dressed me in I will sit on the royal throne.

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Rabbeinu z”l concluded, saying:

Before Mashiach, there will be a flood [of heresy] — not of water, only of strange thoughts, and they will cover all the high mountains.  Even in the land of Israel where there was no flood, only because the [rain] descended powerfully, the water also ricocheted there.

With sophisticated means, it won’t be possible to fight this, and all the royal ministers will be scattered and the kingdom won’t stand on its foundation.  The only ones who will uphold it will be simple Jews who say Tehilim in simplicity.  Therefore, when Mashiach comes, they will place the royal crown on his head.

The Selected Chapters help Mashiach win his wars

In the words of Rabbeinu Nachman, the royal ministers who come close to the king in order to increase their own honor will be pushed away when Mashiach comes, and specifically the simple Jews who say Tehilin in simplicity will place the crown on Mashiach’s head.

Suddenly, amazing testimony is revealed which is making waves in the world, from a Jew by the name of Yisrael Meir, who met in the forests of Meron a hidden tzaddik who saw the Meron tragedy before it happened.  And so he revealed how to be saved from evil decrees, G-d forbid.

To read the full story click here.

“I arrived for Lag B’Omer in Meron.  As known, this isn’t a simple time.  This is one of the exalted moments, the revelation of the true Tzaddik.  So I needed to go to the field to do hisbodedus, to prepare…  In the field I saw a Jew holding the Tikkun Klali and saying it word for word and his eyes were spilling forth tears like a faucet.  I’ve never seen such a saying of Tehilim.

“I continued to do hisbodedus on the mountain.  After a half hour, I saw him still saying the Tikkun Klali and crying, apparently saying it several times.  After an hour, he was still saying the Tikkun Klali and crying.  You don’t see things like that.  I did more hisbodedus and asked Hashem to merit to speak to this tzaddik.  I asked Hashem to merit to speak to him and suddenly after about 15 minutes, the man approached me, and called me by my name, Yisrael Meir.”

“We need to pray that Rav Berland will make it to Meron”

“I asked him how he knows my name.  He answered that he knows, it’s ok.  ‘You prayed that you want to speak to me.  In Heaven, they accepted your prayer.’  I got excited and asked him [about] what does a person need to pray for now in Meron.  He answered: We need to pray that Rav Berland makes it to Meron.”

Breslov line: “Did he know that you were a chasid of Rav Berland?”

Yisrael Meir: “I didn’t tell him anything; he said by himself!  I asked him from where he knows Rav Berland?  He said that he doesn’t know him personally, but they have a spiritual connection.”

“How does one merit to say the Tikkun Klali like that?”

“I asked him how one merits to say the Tikkun Klali like him, like that, while crying?

“He answered: If you knew what’s going to happen here in a few more hours, you would also cry like that.  I asked him what is going to happen.  He didn’t answer.  He only said that if you knew what was going to happen here you would also cry like that.

“I asked: What can be done?

“He answered: If Rav Berland will come here, everything will be fine!

“After the fact, it was revealed, that when he said the Tikkun Klali, it was in the field opposite the place of the tragedy.”

“All the tzaddikim pray for Rav Berland every day”

“He said that he is praying for Rav Berland, and so [too] all the hidden tzaddikim pray for him every day. 

He added:  In Heaven, every day, they announce that he is the Tzaddik of the generation.  Every generation has a tzaddik who is an aspect of Moshe, and there are other tzaddikim.

“He said: The hidden tzaddikim every day say several times the Tikkun Klali for the success of Rav Berland.  If all the Jewish people would join the prayers, they could sweeten all the decrees that there are, and prevent endless tears from the Jewish people, since Rav Berland fights above in Heaven with all his strength for the Jewish people.

“He spoke of the importance of saying at least once every day the Tikkun Klali for Rav Berland, and he who is able to, to say as many as possible.  In Heaven this is considered one of the most exalted things, those who pray for Rav Berland.

“He said that Mashiach is already found amongst us in this world, and is working awesome things.  In the meantime, this is hidden until the time of his revelation arrives.  The tzaddikim know who this is and know that Mashiach is making things happen.”

“The secret of the prayer for Mashiach”

“There is a secret amongst the hidden tzaddikim, but because we are close to his coming and Mashiach needs the strength of the Jewish people, it’s therefore possible to reveal the secret.  We’re talking about an order of chapters of Tehilim which King David said about all the wars which he went through.  He went through endless wars all of his life spiritually and physically.

“There are chapters which the tzaddikim know that David put into them awesome intentions, that he intended with this the wars which Mashiach would wage in the world until the revelation of the redemption.  When saying them in a particular order it gives to Mashiach awesome power to work what he needs to in the world.

Selected Chapters

“The chapters which the hidden tzaddikim say for the success of Mashiach: 31, 35, 36, 60, 68, 80, 83, 88, 89, 109.  If we intend in prayer to give strength to Mashiach, he receives from this awesome strength.  Because the power of Mashiach is the spiritual power that he needs to receive from us, as is written in chapter 2 in Likutey Moharan, that the main weapon of Mashiach is prayer.

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