The Test of this Generation is Harder than the Generation of the Flood – Daily Shiur

The Daily Shiur of Moreinu HaRav Eliezer Berland shlit”a, from Sunday, Parshat Terumah, the night of 3 Adar Alef:

So every day, a hundred are killed.  [On the city of] Kiryat Shmona, thirty missiles [were fired] on Thursday night.  On Shabbat, another ten missiles on central Kiryat Shmona.  People have nowhere to live, wandering the streets, sitting under trees.  Every day, there are a hundred killed.

Everyone needs to vote for Agudah.  Only Agudah will fight, the only one.  Because all don’t keep Shabbat, and don’t fast on Yom Kippur, and eat Chametz on Passover.  Like Nitzan Horowitz [former head of the far-left Meretz party] — “a kosher man with Peot and a beard, the biggest Tzaddik in the world” — only that he said to bring Chametz into all the hospitals.  The administrators didn’t consent.  They said, “Give us ten days.”  He gave them ten days.  Baruch Hashem, he is still waiting until today.  A truly righteous man; he only wants the truth.  He just wants [people] to vote for him…

And all the girls should go [with dresses] until the ankles – not just Ba’alot Teshuva [returnees to Judaism].  Also those who grew up in Meah Shearim, in Bnei Brak must go [with dresses] until the ankles.  And then [Jews] will stop being killed every day.  Yoav Galant wrote that missiles will no longer fly; he said you can already return to your homes.  However, there already aren’t homes, there’s nowhere to return to.  So he said he would build homes; he will make homes out of paper, make homes out of …

Qatar announced that bezrat Hashem, they are going to establish colonies on Mars; anyone who doesn’t have a home will be able to live on Mars – it’s a lot closer.  It’s on the way to Uman.  So there are plenty of opportunities to live on Mars, on the moon.  There are already companies of contractors.  Today, they are selling a dunam [a Turkish measurement for land equaling approximately 9,700 sq. ft.] on the moon for a hundred dollars.  Anyone who wants to buy a dunam for cheap; after this, it will cost a million dollars for a dunam – now it’s a hundred dollars.  Anyone who wants to work in real estate should buy on the moon.

In any case, we are talking about the fact that every day, soldiers are killed, houses [are destroyed], 150,000 evacuees.  In Gaza, there are 1,400,000 [uprooted Gazans].  “Poor things” – people who don’t have a home; we need to take care of them, need to travel to Gaza to bring them food.  Everyone needs to take care of one another.  This is called humanitarian.  Because they are called “innocent,” “uninvolved.”  But the 136 people who were taken hostage – 31 have already died – so they are called “involved”; they are called “terrorists.”

Like Biden said, that “I met with Mitterrand [the French President].”  Mitterrand died 26 years ago; he merited to “revival of the dead.”  So Biden asked him questions.  So he’s already senile, so he mixes up all the names.  Instead of saying Macron, he said Mitterrand.  Merkel also.  He also met with her, debated with her what to do with those Jews, those evildoers.  That they’re breaking into, entering Gaza now.  Now they want to enter Rafah.

So everyone needs to know to break their Xiaomi, every girl.  The Xiaomi is terrible abominations that have not been since the creation of the world.  Even the Generation of the Flood didn’t have such abominations.  The test of this generation is harder than the Generation of the Flood!  Anyone who stands up in the tests, breaks their Xiaomi, [and every girl who] goes with a long dress, will merit to a pillar of fire.  She will merit to flames of fire – torches [like it is said about Devorah] “Eshet Lapidot – a woman of torches.”

Every woman would fly in the air, every woman would fly in the air, in the First Temple and in the Second Temple.  They would all fly in the air because of so much desire to pray at the Kotel.  At the very minimum, one prayer at the Kotel every day.  Walking to the Kotel is twenty minutes.  In a little while will be Ramadan; in Adar Bet, Ramadan begins.  They will need to walk…  I am not sure if the police will allow going to the Kotel at all.

Because the police are against the Kotel altogether; they want to uproot the Kotel.  Ben Gurion wanted to knock down the entire Kotel; he had a plan like this.  Only that Teddy [Kollek, the mayor of Jerusalem] loved antiquities.  He said that it’s antiquities, archaeology.  So in the merit of Teddy, they didn’t destroy the Kotel.  So if we still have the Kotel, we need to bless over this every day.

Every girl needs to go one hour a day to the Kotel, and to Rachel’s Tomb once a week on Thursday night, and to Hevron, the Tombs of the Patriarchs, once a month.  Every girl needs to visit the graves of Tzaddikim.  We are here in Jerusalem.  We have Meron – this is also close.  In a moment, you reach Motza – this is called reaching Meron.  Breslovers always said, “We have reached Motza, we are in Meron.”  If a person travelled, reached Motza, this is already called reaching Meron.  So every girl needs to travel to Meron at least once a year, Hevron once a month, Rachel’s Tomb on Thursday night, and the Kotel every day.  And then we shall merit to a complete redemption speedily in our days, Amen!

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