The Tikkun is to Live Here in This World and to Stand Up in the Tests – Daily Shiur

The Daily Shiur by Moreinu HaRav Eliezer Berland shlit”a – Sunday, 23 Shevat, after Maariv

So every day there are ten killed, ten wounded, ten killed, ten wounded, ten killed, ten seriously wounded.  All of this is because they still have not smashed every Xiaomi.  Everyone needs to smash their Xiaomi, every boy and every girl.  Every girl should lengthen her dress.  Every dress that is not lengthened [causes] another hundred killed.  Every day, another hundred killed.  We have already reached 561 soldiers killed.  1,500 civilians – boys, girls, teenage boys and girls, all of them holy Tzaddikim.  All of them are in the Garden of Eden – we want them to live here in this world.  Because if they ascend to the Garden of Eden, this is not the Tikkun (rectification).  The Tikkun is to live here in this world, to stand up in tests.  Every day is a new test – to break the Xiaomi, to break one’s desires.  To guard one’s eyes, not to speak evil gossip, not to speak profanity.

The moment that a girl will smash her Xiaomi, she will merit to a column of fire like Devorah the prophetess, who had a column of fire upon her.  Upon Devorah the prophetess and on Yael there were columns of fire.  They were columns of fire.  And about Yael, it is written, “Between her legs, he fell, vanquished (shadud)” – “shadud” is the angel Mem-Tet.  Every girl will merit that the angel Mem-Tet will become spiritually impregnated within her.  Because it used to be that every girl was a prophetess – every girl!

Like the Baal HaTurim says, how Serach knew that Yosef was alive.  You don’t reveal this.  Anyone who would reveal that Yosef was alive would die on the spot.  [Yaakov would have said:] “What, so you sold him?  For 22 years, you are deceiving me, lying?”  “All the Jews are liars,” this is known… but such a lie, to deceive Abba?  Maybe to deceive some gentile, to deceive some Arab, but to deceive Abba for 22 years, to be in captivity, one of the hostages.

They say that there are 136 hostages.  This isn’t correct.  There was Yosef – this is 137.  Achinoam – this is 138.  Avigayl – this is 139.  Dina – this is already 140.  Now I spoke with Biden.  He said that they would release them, he’ll work hard on this, that they’ll also release Achinoam and Avigayl.

Avigayl was among the seven prophetesses.  She said, “Hashem will build a house for you.”  She wanted to save David quickly from “coming to bloodshed.”  After this, Michal saw his legs.  She said, “If I see your legs, do not enter the house.”  The Midrash Rabbah in Bamidmar says that she did not allow him to enter the house.  And every girl who breaks her Xiaomi will merit to torches of fire, like Devorah the prophetess, and she will bring the complete redemption speedily in our days, Amen!

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