The Trip to Uman Brings the Redemption — Daily Chizzuk with Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlita

The Daily Chizzuk with Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlita — Reaching Uman and bringing the redemption

These are his holy words:

Now fifty people returned from Uman, between the missiles.

Now in Vinnytsia a hundred people were killed.  A missile fell forty minutes from Uman.

Now is the moment that whoever makes it to Uman brings the entire redemption.

He brings Mashiach ben David, Mashiach ben Yosef — both Messiahs.

Now is the time that there needs to be the Third Tablets — now it’s the Third Tablets; Moshe is descending.

If this is the Amidah prayer, and the three prayers, and all the dancing that [people] dance — this is already the Third Tablets.

The more [people] are dancing, the more this is the Third Tablets — the Third Tablets will bring the complete redemption in our days.

Amen v’Amen.

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