This is War over Life and Death, Whoever Votes Gimel Should Merit to Long Life — R’ Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

Shiur from Sunday Night about the Obligation to Vote

“Then on Tuesday [today, at the time of writing], everyone goes to vote, even though there are many ballot slips of ‘Emet’ [the ballot symbol of the leftist “Labor” party], no one should vote for ‘Emet’ – no way!  Even if it’s written ‘Emet [meaning ‘truth’ in Hebrew],’ we don’t vote for ‘Emet.’  Then only Gimel (United Torah Judaism)!

“Everyone should vote Gimel, even if they will say to you what they will say to you, anyone who votes Gimel should merit to length of years, because now they are going to fight a war against the holy Torah, to uproot the Torah, to uproot the Yeshivot, to uproot all religion from the country!   There are people here who have decided to uproot everything.  They are saying this in public, and this is a war face-to-face.  These are not elections at all.  This isn’t relevant to elections.  All of those who are banning the elections have no place in the World to Come, because this is a war over life and death.  Like they said, that there won’t be Hitler.  Everyone said that there won’t be Hitler.  In the end, there was Hitler.  All of these are reincarnations of Hitler, and now this is a war over life and death, or that…  And if not, then all the children will be secular within a year!  The goal is to turn the children secular.  Lots of children are abandoning [Judaism], are on the way to abandoning.  The moment that there will a government of the people of today, then everyone will be secular without a doubt; all the children will lose the way.

“This now is a war over life and death.  Once they would fight with guns, today they fight with ballot slips!  This is a war in which whoever wins will live; whoever doesn’t win, they’ll burn him alive.  Therefore, we’re requesting that everyone, at eight in the morning, everyone will already be voting.  At eight in the morning, the Rav will already be at elections, will already be there at the voting station.  Everyone at eight in the morning should already be at the voting station, and after this it’s possible to do what you want, to travel to Uman, to travel to America, to travel to Buenos Ares.  Whoever doesn’t vote has no place in the World to Come!”

Anyone who hasn’t yet voted, has until 10 pm tonight to vote.  Please make the effort to get to the voting station while there’s still time!

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