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chart - coronavirus cases outside of china
Coronavirus cases outside of china (source: WHO) on Feb 6 the virus was irrelevant anywhere outside of China


At a time when the entire world is at a standstill…

Everyone is locked up in their homes…

Stock markets are crashing…

People are losing their jobs…

The number of sick are rising quickly…

Even in our communities…

The number of deaths are multiplying daily…

Fear and panic grip the globe…

Everyone is wondering…

How will it end?

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Is there really no cure for the coronavirus?

Dr’s and scientists will definitely make you think so as they scramble to discover a cure or a vaccine, but meanwhile NOTHING. There is NOTHING we can do, they say, “Just stay at home, and hope to curb the spread.” BUT THE PANDEMIC KEEPS GROWING OUT OF CONTROL EACH DAY.


Who really creates a cure for any disease in the first place? Is it the Dr’s and scientists or is it the Creator of the World who created all disease and created all remedies. The Talmud (Brachos 60a) tells us that if the Torah would not give permission for a Dr to heal the Dr would not have any ability to heal any disease no matter how hard he tries or how many years of medical school and experience is under his belt.


Yes, the same Torah that gives permission to Dr’s to heal in certain cases tells us what causes “disease of which there is no cure” to come to the world. Sadly, the cause of the disease is only getting stronger, even while the entire world is in lock-down and trying desperately to find a way out of this pandemic.


The Talmud tells us clearly that the cause of disease of which there is no cure is when Torah Scholars are disgraced.

Talmud Shabbos 119b: “Rabbi Yehuda says, ‘Jerusalem was only destroyed due to the disgrace of Torah Scholars, as it says (Chronicles 2 36:16), ‘But they mocked the messengers of God and disdained His words and taunted His prophets until the wrath of the LORD against His people grew beyond remedy.” What does it mean ‘beyond remedy‘? Rabbi Yehuda says in the name of Rav, ‘Whoever disgraces Torah Scholars has no remedy for their disease.'”

In the story of Bar Chochva of which the Talmud here is referring to it was really only one individual who was disgracing a Torah Scholar, so why did the entire generation need to suffer? The answer is that all those people heard the disgrace but they were silent. Believing disgraceful lies about a Tzaddik and continuing to spread them are certainly horrible deeds, but what if one is silent and contempt with what his happening? Since the disgrace of the Tzaddik was spread globally and no one really did anything about it, it seems, that the disease which it caused is spread globally and no one can do anything about it. This is not a punishment, it is a direct cause:

Why does disgracing a Torah Scholar bring about a disease of which there is no cure?

The reason is simple: Since it is the Torah that brings about all remedies and gives ‘permission to the Dr to heal’, then a person who cuts himself off from the those who teach the Torah by disgracing them, in essence cuts himself off from the source of healing and remedy.

A Torah Scholar is greater than the Torah

The Talmud says: “How foolish are those people who stand in honor of a Torah scroll but do not stand before a Torah Scholar!” (Makkot 22b). What is the benefit of a Torah scroll without the person who teaches the Torah? A Torah scroll that was written according to all the Halachic stringencies, but was written by a non-believer, not only does it contain no holiness but it needs to be burnt! (Shulchan Aruch Y’D 43). It is not the Torah scroll in itself that brings healing and holiness but the person who stands behind it and teaches it to the people.

After reading this you might be asking:


If you haven’t put two and two together we will help spell it out for you.

But before we do that let’s first bring a few promises that Hashem tells us through the Torah.


THE SECOND – “Bring the full tithe into the storehouse, and let there be food in My House, and you can test Me on this — said Hashem of Hosts. I will surely open the floodgates of the sky for you and pour down endless blessings on you” (malachi 3:10). The sages learn from this that a person will never lose out by giving charity and that is a GUARANTEE!



The Tzaddikim see the decrees way before they come to the world

Hashem tells the tzaddikim before he passes a decree to the world and gives them a chance to cancel the decree, as it says “Hashem decrees and the Tzaddik cancels.”


Rebbe Nachman teaches the idea of a “Pidyon Nefesh,” a redemption of the soul. In simple terms a Pidyon Nefesh is when large amounts of money is given to a certain tzaddik, who distributes it to tzedakah and with that money he reverses a heavenly decree of death or other harsh decrees on a person who otherwise would not be healed or redeemed.

Download an audio class about Pidyon Nefesh HERE

We find it fitting to bring the exact words of Rebbe Nachman before continuing:

Likutei Moharan pt2 Lesson 3:

When Rabbi Eliezer the Great took ill, he said to Rabbi Akiva: “There is fierce anger in the world” (Sanhedrin 101a). This was because there was no one who could mitigate the strict judgment. In order to mitigate the judgment, a pidyon was needed, but there was none. For, in fact, treating the sick with remedies is appropriate only after the mitigation and Pidyon. Only then, once there has been a Pidyon and mitigation, does a doctor have license to cure.

“treating the sick with remedies is appropriate only after the mitigation and Pidyon. Only then, once there has been a Pidyon and mitigation, does a doctor have license to cure.”

For, in truth, how can a doctor ever undertake to cure a patient with remedies and drugs? He has no idea which medicine is required in order to cure that particular person! There are many medicines that are effective for curing a disease, yet undoubtedly this sick person can only be cured by the specific medicine designated to heal him, as decreed on high.

But after the mitigation and Pidyon the doctor can cure. The reason that one is cured only by a specific medicine and a specific person is due to the Attribute of Din (Judgment), which decrees that the illness must last until a specified time and day. Consequently, it is decreed that he can be cured only by these means—a specific medicine and a specific person—so that the illness should last until the specified day. The required duration of the illness determines the means that are decreed for his healing. This is to ensure that he cannot be cured until these conditions coincide: the particular medicine and the particular person, so that he will not be cured until the particular day.

However, when a Pidyon is effected and the strict judgment is mitigated, the decree is cancelled. For at that moment there is no strict judgment, and [the patient] can be cured by any medicine. He does not need a specific medicine and so on, since there is no strict judgment in force.

It follows, that a Pidyon is the prerequisite for a doctor to cure. A Pidyon must be made beforehand to mitigate the strict judgment, and only then does a doctor have license to cure.

“It follows, that a Pidyon is the prerequisite for a doctor to cure. A Pidyon must be made beforehand to mitigate the strict judgment, and only then does a doctor have license to cure.”

This is the meaning of “V’RaPO YeRaPeI (and he shall thoroughly cure him)” (Exodus 21:19). they have the same numerical value as PiDYON NeFeSh (soul redemption). Essentially, the healing comes about specifically through a Pidyon, through mitigating the strict judgment.

This is as our Sages, of blessed memory, taught: It is from here [from these words V’RaPO YeRaPeI] that the Torah granted a doctor license to cure (Berakhot 60a). Specifically “from here”—that is, after the Pidyon. Only then is a doctor permitted to administer treatment. Prior to the Pidyon, a doctor has no permission [from Heaven] to administer treatment. Only after the redemption and the mitigation does he have license to cure.

—end of quote


It is no secret that the tzaddik Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a has been spending the past couple of years going around from house to house in Israel, day and night, 12-18 hrs straight daily performing Pidyonot for Am Yisrael. In addition, constantly being available for requests of Pidyonot that would come in from all over the world via phone and media. Over this time many stories have been publicized about the miracles that individuals have witnessed via the Pidyon Nefesh of Rabbi Berland. But what is even more powerful and what many people are not aware of is that beside for the individual Pidyonei Nefesh that the Rav was doing over this time, more importantly was the Global Pidyon Nefesh the tzaddik was working on. It wasn’t for nothing that an 82 year old ill tzaddik was sacrificing himself day and night to perform Pidyonei Nefesh, and even when it was clear that the Israeli Police and anti-religious media were hot on his heels, following him wherever he went in an attempt to stop his activities, the Rav did not slow down even for a second. It seemed that by the day his efforts only increased.

Back in 2015 when Israel was on the brink of a third intifada, Rabbi Berland from outside of Israel issued a plea for everyone to do a communal Pidyon Nefesh in which small amounts of charity will be collected from many people until the amount of $600,000 would be given corresponding to the 600,000 souls of the Jewish People, thereby preventing the intifada. It worked, and while the intifada did suddenly begin not long after the Rav first gave his call, it stopped shortly after.

But heading into 2020 it seemed this time things were a lot more serious. Though the tzaddikim never fully explain their ways, the Rav hinted many times to a global pandemic and other catastrophes on a global scale while he himself was thoroughly occupied in a desperate mission to perform as many pidyonot as possible sacrificed himself in the most difficult ways. Then in January 2020, while the police were fully involved in a public investigation into the Pidyon Nefesh activities of the Rav and his attendants, making arrests, inhuman interrogations and threats to the six gabaim, and while the Israeli media were working in full cooperation with the police, planting hidden cameras in houses that the Rav went to visit – through all this the Rav kept going with his pidyonot and even stronger than ever while talking about a strange sounding virus called Corona, a word that most people have not heard of back then. The Rav spoke about it spreading through the world and causing complete devastation.

chart - coronavirus cases outside of china
Coronavirus cases outside of china (source: WHO) on Feb 6 the virus was irrelevant anywhere outside of China

Then on Feb 6th, when the coronavirus was a little more well-known but still a very distant threat far out in China, certainly no one thought it had anything to do with us, the Rav spoke straight and to the point in all seriousness. The Rav said “THERE’S A TERRIBLE DECREE OF WORLD DESTRUCTION BY THE CORONAVIRUS. IT IS HEADED TO WIPE OUT ALL HUMANITY, ANIMALS AND PLANTATION.” The Rav then wrote a prayer on the spot to be saved from the coronavirus, and instructed that it be translated into all languages and be dispersed throughout the entire world.


Those close to the Rav knew that this is serious and they immediately sent the prayer out to be translated into 38 languages and dispersed wherever possible. The response they received was mostly either ridicule or anger, “Do you really think this has anything to do with us?”, or “Why are you trying to arouse fear and havoc for no reason.” But as usual the students of the Rav continued in following his orders and sent the prayer out to as many people as possible, hoping some would take it seriously.

Boruch Hashem, the response quickly changed as the virus move towards becoming an actual threat and many people said and shared the prayer. It went viral. We have no doubt that due to the pidyonot that the Rav performed and the prayer that he wrote, the mortality rate is closer to 1% than 100%.

Two days after the Rav wrote this prayer, on the night of Feb 8th, heavily armed police with k9 dogs busted in to packed yeshiva while the Rav was giving his pre-dawn Daf Yomi shiur, and arrested him in front of hundreds of followers. His crime: promising to heal from terminal illness and taking money for it. In other words the crime of performing Pidyon Nefesh.

The leading Kabbalist Rabbi Menashe Amon quickly put out a public message that if the injustice against Rabbi Berland does not stop; the coronavirus will spread from China and reach all the way to Israel. A few days later the first Israeli coronavirus victim was reported from the Diamond Princess cruise ship and within a week the virus spread through the world until Israel itself was hit. Later the Kabbalist said that the coronavirus will continue to spread as long as Rabbi Berland is continually held in prison. Since then, it’s been getting worse by the day.


So you can put one and one together, add up the pieces, and this strange pandemic which has world leaders confused, scientists and Dr’s left with no answers, and the world terrified, actually makes a lot of sense. On the backdrop of whats been happening to the Tzaddik of the generation who’s mission to be Podeh the world was cut when he was locked up and thrown in prison. Not only can he is restricted now from performing Pidyon Nefesh and save the world, he is locked in isolation, away from his Yeshiva, praying without a minyan, not allowed to leave his confinement. Wait!!! Does that sound familiar??? Aren’t we all in that state now???

But let’s remember his hands are not tied. We can give him strength to complete his mission and end this pandemic by erev Pesach like he said he will try to do. And just like he wrote in the prayer “As suddenly as it came it will disappear. Before the plagues began in Egypt, everything was fine and dandy, one day Moshe said that a terrible plaque is coming, no one believed him, they ridiculed him.  But it came. And it changed the world as we knew it. Then, when everyone was sure the plague will continue getting worse as there is no end in sight, one day, Moshe said, now it will end. And it ended. As quickly as it came.

Friends, this is not a joke. Let’s help Moshe finish the job.

Rebbe Natan in Likutei Halachot spells it out clearly:

Likutei Halachot Orach Chaim Shabbos 6:3

“The true tzaddikim can fix and heal any person in the world, even someone who is tremendously ill in body and soul. For just as someone who disgraces a Torah Scholar has no cure for his disease, as our Sages teach and as is explained well in this lesson (LM 57). So too, the opposite is true. The good trait is more powerful – to believe in the Tzaddikim and their students. For they are the true Torah Scholars, there is no disease in the world in body or soul of which a person will not have a cure through them [these scholars], as in the aspect of (proverbs 4:22) ‘a remedy for all flesh’ that is referring to the Torah. 

What greater way to show your emunah in the Tzaddikim than by sending a Pidyon to them.



So, as we’ve seen the Torah makes two guarantees with regards to charity. One, it saves from death. And two, a person will never lose out.

Now that many businesses are closed due to the coronavirus, many people have lost their jobs and their livelihood along with it. The Torah promises, “aser t’aser”, give charity and you will become wealthy. The Torah promises give charity in order that you will live. As much as the Israeli Police want to make it illegal to say those words, it is not our words. IT IS GODS WORDS. AND WE WON’T BE SILENT. For their sake, for all our sakes.

Someone once sent a letter to Rabbi Moshe Feinstein saying that he is out of a job, has no parnassa, and doesn’t know how he will support his family from one day to the next. Reb Moshe wrote back saying, whatever you have left give it to charity, because this is one promise that we have in the Torah, the more you give the more you get, as chazal say (Gitten 7a) “if someone sees their money is limited he should give it away to charity.” A person is even allowed to test Hashem with this.

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky recently promised that whoever gives a certain large amount of charity at this time is guaranteed to be saved from the coronavirus. The same anti-religious news channels that started the persecution against Rabbi Berland ran a story against Reb Chaim and calls were quickly heard throughout social media and the likes to get Rabbi Kanievsky arrested for making these promises that [they claim] are “impossible” and for taking money for it.

In addition they were angry that Reb Chaim ordered yeshivas to stay open after the Health Ministry ordered them closed. Who makes the rules? The Government or the Torah? The Torah promises us that studying it will “save and protect.” Government officials, even those with “kippot” came to Reb Chaim to tell him to change his decree and order yeshivas to be closed. Reb Chaim asked, “Are the army bases closed?” the answer, of course was “no.” Said Reb Chaim: What’s the difference? You believe that the army is protecting the Nation, we believe that it is the Torah that protects the Nation. You don’t tell us to close the yeshivas and we won’t tell you to close the bases.


Let’s try to straighten things out by listening to the Tzaddikim and listening to the Torah. Rav Berland promised that anyone who donates to any of his causes it’s considered a Pidyon Nefesh %100, even if he’s not around to perform it. As soon as one makes the donation they receive the promise of the Torah to be saved, the promise of the Torah to not lose out, and in this case the promise of Rebbe Nachman to receive a Pidyon Nefesh. People sick with the coronavirus have already seen miracles by donating to the Ravs causes and thereby receiving a Pidyon Nefesh.


No police or law enforcement agency can stop us from repeating what the Torahs promises.


There are a number of ways to donate to the Ravs causes and have your Pidyon ensured: 

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