“Through the Light of Chanukah, Chana Brought Down the Soul of Mashiach” – Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a

Rabbi Berland Chanukah
Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit"a on Zot Chanukah

“On Chanukah a fire bursts forth, a flaming fire bursts forth that is impossible to stop.  This is a flaming fire that descends from heaven through the candles of Chanukah.  Rebbe Nachman brings in [Likutey Moharan] Torah 249, ‘A person suddenly is clothed in a spirit of strength’ — then he can perform an act of strength, because the ‘primary strength is in the heart.’  One whose heart is strong isn’t afraid of any person in the world.

“There is absolutely no fear, no terrorists, nothing.  Nothing exists.  There is only ‘nothing besides Him alone,’ only Hashem.  This spirit is possible to receive on Chanukah, as Channah merited to.  She only sees Hashem, she’s only bound to Hashem; therefore, Chanukah is entirely drawn down through Channah.  Rabbi Natan explains in Choshen Mishpat – all of Chanukah is the lights of Channah, from the soul of Channah.  Channah doesn’t abandon her prayers, her faith.  She doesn’t abandon faith in any way in the world.

“From the age of 10, Channah began praying that she would merit to a son who is a Tzaddik, and at the age of 130 she became pregnant.  For 120 years she just prayed to Hashem and she succeeded in bringing down the soul of Shmuel, who is considered equal to Moshe and Aharon.  Shmuel anointed Shaul and David, and the main thing is David who is Mashiach, as it’s written, ‘I set up a candle for My Mashiach’ – this is the light of Chanukah, that a person decides to hand himself over to Hashem Yisbarach, then he receives a spirit of strength and might.  Then, through this spirit, he can make mighty wars and conquer all the wicked people, all the Hellenists, and bring the Redemption.

“As Channah merited to — through the light of Chanukah, she merited to bring down the soul of Mashiach.  ‘ChaNUKaH’ = ‘ChaNnaH KO’.  Channah sacrificed her soul for Hashem Yisbarach, did everything only for Hashem, requested only for Hashem’s sake.  And today, to sacrifice one’s soul is to simply sit and learn!  It’s not to make wars with anybody.  It’s simple to sit down and learn and to put one’s head in the holy Torah, in the holy Gemara.”


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