Time to take things up a level

Taking Things Up A Level

All of us can feel that there is a tremendous amount of judgment and uncertainty in the air at the moment.

Our true Tzaddikim are battling to bring the geula (the redemption) the sweet way, while the forces of evil are thrashing around, trying to prevent the spread of the spiritual light anyway they can.

In the middle of this epic spiritual battle between good and evil, it’s easy to believe that small people like ourselves have no role to play, and that nothing we do can really affect the outcome.

But nothing could be further from the truth!!!

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov told his followers again and again, that while it is true that we can’t do anything without the true Tzaddikim, they also can’t do anything without us!

Redemption depends on forging a strong partnership between the true Tzaddikim, and the nation of Israel, and every single one of us has a potential role to play in speeding the process of geula along – or holding it up and derailing it, chas v’shalom.

In Likutey Moharan 7:1, Rebbe Nachman explains:

“Geula depends on emuna. And the root cause of the exile is simply a lack of emuna….

Emuna depends upon truth….

The only way to find truth is to draw closer to the Tzaddikim, and follow their guidance.”


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Every time we publish a new book in English containing the teachings or prayers of Rabbi Berland, we can see with out own eyes how much more emuna starts to spread in the world, how much more of the hidden truth starts to be revealed in the world, and how many more people from every background become inspired to draw closer to the true Tzaddikim.

This is how we get geula the sweet way!

And that’s why every single book we produce is beset by enormous obstacles and difficulties, because they are changing the whole spiritual dynamic of the world.

Nevertheless, with Hashem’s help, a small group of volunteers, and a tiny shoestring budget, we have still managed to put out six books for the English-speaking public in recent months, listed at the bottom of this post, including the latest, Rabbi Eliezer Berland on the Parsha.


But now, it’s time to take it up a level!

We need the Tzaddik’s help and guidance to progress in our own lives, but the Tzaddik also needs our help, to progress the matter of bringing geula the sweet way.

We are ready to take things up to the next level, by arranging to print many hundreds of copies of each of these six books, for distribution to book stores and door-to-door hafetza in Israel.

We need to raise 5,000 shekels a book, to print a few hundred copies – or 30,000 shekels in total.

And you can help us to do it.



Simply by going HERE, and dedicating a page, half page, quarter page or name, in the next book we publish, for Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita.

A full page can be dedicated for $360, a name can be dedicated for $36 – but every single shekel or dollar will be gratefully received.

The faster we can spread the light of emuna and the true tzaddikim around the English-speaking world, the faster we’ll all move out of this terrible spiritual heaviness, and get to personal and national redemption.

So, don’t believe the yetzer hara when it starts whispering at you that there is nothing you can do, to help bring geula faster, or the sweeter way. 

Even the smallest effort to send one of the Rav’s prayers to a friend, to buy someone a book, to leave a positive review on Amazon, or to help print more of the Rav’s works in English is moving things forward in a dramatic way.

Anyone who joins in this endeavor to help do hafetza is considered to be in partnership with the Tzaddik, and they will see tremendous blessings in their own life, even as we wait for the full redemption to obviously unfold.

So, take the plunge, and help us take things up a level, to get geula the sweet way!

Because geula depends on emuna, and emuna depends on truth, and truth depends on people getting closer to the true Tzaddikim.



Click HERE to see the full list of Rabbi Berland’s books in English on Amazon, including our latest release: 

Rabbi Eliezer Berland on the Parsha.


75 Prayers for the Geula

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